How to Use the Eject Water Feature on Your Apple Watch

This article would be giving you details on How to Use the Eject Water Feature on Your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch has always been known to be water resistant ever since it was launched.

How to Use the Eject Water Feature on Your Apple Watch

The Apple watch series 2 and all later models boast of a swim-proof design and an overall improved resistance against water, as explained by Apple. Water lock is a software feature that arrived starting with the Apple Watch Series 2.

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Eject Water Feature on Your Apple Watch

wearable’s screen from getting registered while being submerged in water, and most importantly, it purges water, and, most importantly, it purges water from the watches from the speaker once you are done in the pool or shower.

Although the water lock is built to turn on automatically, when you start a water-based workout, you also can manually turn on the feature and use it to purge water from the speaker. Just as expected given that this is an Apple product, the whole process is quite simple, though the first time you might hear some sounds when the water is purged, and that water might eventually end up on your wrist.

How to Eject Water from your Apple Watch

The Apple watch series 2 and newer models would automatically turn on the water lock if you start a workout that has to do with water, like swimming, though you can also turn it on whenever you like by swiping to open the control center and then tapping on the water lock button. The smartwatch is built to automatically play sounds that eject water from the speaker when the water lock is turned off, which is carried out in two ways depending on which version of watchOS you are making use of.

Right on the WatchOS 9 with the water lock enabled, you would want to press and then hold the digital crown for a few seconds. The Apple Watch is expected to purge water from the wearable’s speaker. You also would get a haptic vibration in to confirm that the water lock is disabled. The watchOS 9 is now available on the Apple Watch Series 4 or later, which includes the Apple Watch SE and Apple Watch Ultra.

Right on your watchOS 8 or earlier with water locked enabled, you would want to spin the digital crown for some seconds. You would feel a haptic vibration from your Apple watch to confirm that the water lock has been switched off.

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How Water Lock Works

With the water lock, the Apple watch would eject water right from its speaker and disable touch input on the screen. It seems to some users that the water lock enables a special mode that would seal off the watch speaker from water or provide extra protection against water versus when it is turned off, well, that seems to not be the case.

Water Lock on Apple Watch is a simple way for you to ensure that you are not sending a text accidentally or calling someone while the touch screen is submerged underwater. Well, this is why you can still hear your notification alerts while the water lock gets enabled in a situation where your Apple watch might not get fully submerged like, for example when you are taking your bath.

In a way, this is a good thing because if you do not remember to turn on the water lock and submerge your Apple watch in water, your watch would still be protected. Water resistance and the duration for which you can submerge your Apple watch are based solely upon the model that you have, as explained by Apple. The Apple Watch Ultra can get submerged for up to around 328 feet.

Also, you need to note that Apple warns that if your smartwatch speaker sounds kind of muffled after turning off the water lock and purging the water, you should simply let the water evaporate. You should not shake the smartwatch or even try to stick anything into its openings, as it stands a chance to affect your device.

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Do I have to hit the Water drop on Apple Watch?

you are not expected to activate the water lock before you get your Apple Watch wet. You can choose to manually clear out the water by turning on the water lock. Swipe up right from the bottom of the watch face to launch the control center.

Can I shower with Apple Watch?

Showering with your Apple Watch 2 and newer is ok, but it is best that you do not expose the Apple watch to soaps., shampoos, conditioners, lotions, and perfumes as they can affect the seal of the watch.

Can I Wear my Apple Watch in the Swimming Pool?

The Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch are splashes and water-resistant, but submerging Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch is not recommended. The Apple watch series 2 or newer Apple watch devices can be worn during shallow-water activities, like in a pool or in the sea.

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