How to Fix your Slow Windows 11

In this article, I would be giving you details on how to fix your Slow windows 11 and more. one of the major issues that tend to frustrate a PC user with time is a slow and laggy PC. In this article, I would be detailing some possible fixes that you can use to get your windows 11 PC running fast again.

How to Fix your Slow Windows 11

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Why is Windows 11 Slow?

When it comes to a slow PC, first off, it is something that a lot of PC users face. But, the cause of a slow PC could really mean anything from Malfunctioning hardware to a software bug or even something that is not even related like a poor internet connection.

There are tons of issues that could be afflicting your PC and causing it to slow down, and in this content, I would be highlighting some of them for you.

  • Your PC is running too many programs actively
  • One or more apps is hogging all of your PC memory
  • You are running low on free storage space
  • The OS or a device driver contains an unresolved bug
  • Also, there are some issues with your connection to the internet
  • Your hardware cannot keep up

How to Fix Windows 11 Running Slow

Seeing as there are tons of potential reasons windows 11 is slow, there are several angles from which to address it. work through these tips in the order that they are listed so that you should be able to try out the simpler solutions first.

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Reboot your computer

If your computer is slow, try rebooting your computer to terminate background programs that could be making use of valuable resources.

The fastest way for you to do this in windows 11 is from the start menu: launch it and use the power button to find the restart option.

Install Windows Updates

Check for windows updates if there is anyone available. Bugs can cause a major performance issue, and the only way for you to fix the OS-level bugs is via windows update.

Delete Junk Files

Depending on how you make use of your PC and how often you choose to clear out these types of files, there is a chance that there could be a lot that you can erase.

Junk files are usually always overlooked as something that tends to take up too much space on your PC. If you have plenty, they could collectively be taking up too much storage that your hard drive is running too low on free space.

Disable Unnecessary Startup Apps

These are programs that automatically launch when you boot up your windows. You do not require this to happen for most programs mainly because you can just launch them manually when you need to make use of them.

If you are in possession of a lot of programs trying to launch at once, you would feel sluggishness each time your computer launches. Plus, if you do not shut them down later, they would keep on hogging up essential resources like memory and CPU.

Visual Effects

Disable unnecessary visual effects that could be impacting the performance of the PC. Windows 11 displays animations when launching and closing the windows, but you can turn them off if they are impacting the performance. Head to settings > Accessibility > Visual effects, and then disable animation effects.

Also, we recommend that you change the performance options’ visual effects settings to adjust for the best performance. Also, you can locate that option via executing this command from (WIN+R) or windows search: SystemPropertiesPerformance

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Shut Down Services and App Not in Use

Make sure you shut down services or apps that you are not making use of at the moment. One of the best ways to do that is via the task manager.

One thing you should take note of is that by clicking on X, it doesn’t really close the app, you would need to head to your taskbar to completely close it.

Update Driver Tool

You make use of a driver updater tool to fix outdated or corrupt drivers one of the drivers on your computer might be using too much CPU or RAM because of a bug.

Downgrade Windows 11 to Windows 10

If applicable on your computer, you should be able to uninstall windows 11, which could fix the slowness if it is caused by running an incompatible version of windows on your hardware.

Not all computers run windows 11, so you might not really possess the necessary hardware.


Why is Windows Update so Slow?

Sometimes, windows updates might run a bit slower than expected because the update itself is huge. It might also be slow because of a slow internet connection, multiple users attempting to update the window, having an improperly fragmented hard drive or old application data, third-party software conflicts, or something that went wrong in the windows update program.

How do I Fix Slow internet in Windows 10?

In other to fix slow internet connectivity, stop running bandwidth-hogging background programs, check for wireless signal interference, and make sure your router and modem is working optimally. Additionally, you can choose to scan for viruses and malware that might slow down the speed of your internet.

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