Google Has Just Cancelled the Pixelbook

Google has just cancelled the Pixelbook. That being said, the Google Pixelbook is no more. And with the cancellation of its best product, it just proves that the world is not still ready for premium Chromebooks.

Google Has Just Cancelled the Pixelbook

Google Has Just Cancelled the Pixelbook

It now looks like the Google Pixelbook has been discontinued. Many reports coming in now state that not only has Google cancelled its upcoming Chromebook, but it has also disbanded the team that is and was working on it (the product).

The News Is a Big Blow for Google and the Industry At Large

This news as earlier reported by The Verge is a real blow to the industry at large. The reason for this is simple. The previous model of the Chromebook which is the Pixelbook Go was not just one of the best Chromebooks that has ever been made but it also was one of the best laptops as well.

This news is coming as a bit of a surprise to many as there were signs that Google was working on a new Pixelbook most recently at this year’s Google I/O event. A spokesperson from Google also hinted at the news that a new Pixelbook was coming last year.

Likely Reason for the Cancellation of the Pixelbook

Sadly, this seems that the plans for the Pixelbook have now changed most likely to the part that Google has now decided to cut costs by hitting the pause button or cancelling certain projects. CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai in a memo wrote (and spotted by The Verge) that these measures ‘mean pausing development and re-deploying resources to higher priority areas.’ It now seems that the team that was working on the future Pixelbooks have now been redeployed to other parts and places in Google.

Farewell to the Pixelbook

The Pixelbook series had only two entries in its time which are the original, high-end Pixelbook and the more affordable Pixelbook Go. One thing is for sure, they certainly made a mark.


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