How to Lock a Folder in Windows 10

In this content I would be explaining how to lock a folder in windows 10 making use of the built-in encryption tool or a password protection program.

How to Lock a Folder in Windows 10

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How Does an Encrypted File Work

File Encryption works via the use of complex algorithms. An encrypted file is one that has an encoding algorithm applied to it to scramble the data. The file would become unreadable once it is scrambled, but the effect would only remain temporary the encrypted data comes with a key the sender provides.

How Can I Lock a Specific Folder?

Windows was built with an encryption tool to prevent other users from opening your files, but get a more robust third-party tool for much better privacy.

Currently, there is more than one method, the easiest does not involve any third-party programs. Windows 10 has this feature built-in.

  1. Right-click on the folder that you would like to lock, and the select properties.
  2. Select the advanced found at the bottom of the general tab
  3. After that, check the box right next to encrypt contents in other to secure data
  4. After that, select “OK” and then “OK” again on the properties window to save
  5. With this, windows would prompt you to back up your file encryption key in other to avoid permanently losing access to your encrypted files. Also, you can follow those steps or just ignore them.
  6. You can kick off the certificate Export Wizard by selecting Next on the first screen
  7. Do not make any changes to the default and then press next again
  8. Select the box right next to the password in other to enable the password and then fill out the text fields below. Select next
  9. Select where you would like to save the PFX file, and give it a name
  10. Select Next to review the details that you have provided and select Finish to complete the export
  11. Select OK on the successful export prompt. If you ever need to make use of this certificate, just launch it from wherever you saved it in step 9, and then follow the onscreen directions.

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How to Back Up Locked Folder Encryption Keys in Windows 10

If you want to back up your encryption keys in windows, just follow these steps to manually back up the keys for encrypted folders:

  1. Press WIN+R to launch the run command, then type in msc, then press Enter
  2. Right in the left pane, head over to personal > certificates
  3. Select all your certificates for Encrypting the file system
  4. After that, right-click on the select files, and then head to All tasks export.
  5. From this point, you can follow the “step 6 to 11” in the previous section to get the backup completed.

Can A Folder be Passworded

Windows 10 does not come with a way to password a folder aside from what we described above. The method is quite similar to other password protection techniques in that that you would need to provide the right user account password before you would be able to view the encrypted data.

However, there are third-party tools that allow you to define any password as the folder password, utterly independent of the logged-in user. The methods described below is arguably more private than the windows encryption procedure mainly because they can obfuscate the file and hide even the folder itself.

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Password Protect and Hide the Folder

The Wise Folder Hider is a great example. This program is great if you keep your data protected because it can hide the folder behind two passwords. Also, it can secure entire flash drives and encrypt individual files.

  • Launch the program and then define an initial password. This is what will be entered each time you want to open wise folder Hider
  • On the Hide file tab, select hide folder, and then choose the folder that you would want to protect behind a password. Any folder but system folders are allowed.
  • After selecting it, the folder would disappear immediately from its original location. To view it again, select the menu button to the right and click on open; it would open in file explorer. Select close and hide it again, or unhide to permanently restore it.
  • Optionally, for much greater security, you can force another password to be entered before deciding to launch the specific folder. In other to do that, press the down arrow to the right of the folder path, and select set password.

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How do I Lock the Folder in Windows 10 to Prevent Deletion?

One of the options is for you to right-click the folder and then select properties > security > Advanced > disable inheritance > convert inherited permissions into explicit permissions on this object. After that, select a user from the list > Edit > Show advanced permissions > Type > Deny and then check the box beside delete.

Can I Password Protect a Folder in Windows 10?

It is not that possible for you to make use of windows to password-protect in windows 8 or windows 10. You would need to download third-party software or make use of a zipped folder. If you decide to make use of third-party software, make sure to download it from a source that is secure.

How do I Hide Files in Windows 10?

To hide one or more files or folders, and then select the files or folders, right-click on them, and then select properties. On the General tab found on the properties dialog box, check the hidden box found in the attributes section.

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