A Hit Xbox Game Pass Adventure Is Set To Come To both the PS5 and Switch

A hit Xbox Game Pass adventure is set to come to both the PS5 and Switch very soon.

A Hit Xbox Game Pass Adventure Is Set To Come To both the PS5 and Switch

A Hit Xbox Game Pass Adventure Is Set To Come To both the PS5 and Switch

The game, Foxy Zelda-like Tunic will be coming to Nintendo and the PlayStation platforms this month of September after making its way to the Xbox console and PC in the early parts of this year.

One very adventure RPG that takes cues from old-school Zelda titles, Tunic made quite the expression when it was launched on Xbox Series X|S and PC back in March this year. The game will however be making the jump to PS5, PS4, and Nintendo switch on September 27. This very news was announced during the recent Direct presentation of Nintendo in a fresh trailer.

The Tunic Gameplay

Putting you on a beautiful and colorful labyrinthine island, the Tunic game lets you explore the various locales of its magical world as you continue battling with weird creatures and delve into dungeons. And so you continue you will uncover its various secrets gradually and also decipher the fictional language of a faux-instruction manual in a bid to learn new abilities.

Tunic Made Its Way to Microsoft’s Subscription Service on the Same Day of Its Release

The game is also an Xbox Game Pass success story. The game Tunic made its way to Microsoft’s subscription service on the same day of its release and in the process made it available to millions of players immediately who might have otherwise never taken the chance on the cutesy adventure RPG. Designer Andrew Shouldice was even impressed with the progress of the game so far and the instant audience it had found.

“Game Pass is an incredible deal,” Shouldice revealed to TrueAchievements. “10 million people, or 20 million people, have Game Pass – something like that. It’s ridiculous, right? And so the idea that ‘Oh, yeah, that entire audience can play your game now’… I just can’t even fathom it.”

This Is One of the Best Steam Deck Games That Is Available Currently

With everything going on around the game, Tunic should take a look at home on Nintendo’s handheld system, with its pastel-colored visuals that are matching with the family-friendly aesthetics of many of Nintendo’s heavyweights. We over here reckon that it is one of the best steam deck games that is available presently and it should too translate very well to an on-the-go platform.


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