Google Confirms the Colors for the Pixel 7 Lineup

Google confirms the colors for the pixel 7 lineup via what many people refer to as a weird potato chip tweet.

Google Confirms the Colors for the Pixel 7 Lineup

Google Confirms the Colors for the Pixel 7 Lineup

One of the few big and popular phones to be launched in 2022 is the Google Pixel 7 no doubt along with the Pro models. And now, a series of bizarre potato chip posts have revealed the colors and shades that the lineup will be coming in. Google japan has on Twitter posted and also on its website showcasing the four various colorways thus linking each to some potato chip flavors that it invented.

In the post, there is Hazel Onion for the off-green version, Salty Lemon for the lime green version, Obsidian Pepper for the black handset, and lastly, the Snow Cheese which is more like the favorite color for the white one.

The Pixel 7 Is Revealed In Black and Lime Green

It’s however worth pointing out at this junction that in all of Google’s images, Pixel 7 is revealed in black and lime green, while the pro versions come in white and off-green. It’s still not clear if this is just for illustrative purposes or whether it is that some of the shades will be locked to certain smartphones.

It’s also worth noting that these are the actual names for the color options for the range of the pixel 7 phones as Google has actually made use of foods in advertising its movies before, shipping some Pixel 4 devices in fun cereal-box-style packages and again, pairing the Pixel 6 devices to crisps again. That being said, it’s just a weird way of marketing although it is one that still reveals to users the colors of the phones in all their glory.

What You Should Know About the Pixel 7 Lineup Colors

And in our own end carrying out some research, we cannot see Hazel Onion, Obsidian Pepper, or even salty Lemon being linked to any actual flavors of anything, but snow cheese apparently is a Korean cuisine which is a powdery substance that is made of cheese, onion, and garlic used in topping some certain dishes. And since the teases were posted exclusively on Google’s Japanese social media channels, we are putting it that it is no coincidence at all.

Actually, we have come across a host of these colors in past times as Google actually has already shown off the pixel 7 smartphones in the early parts of this year, but these new images actually mean something else, something new.


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