Google Pixel Tablet – When Will Pixel Tablet Launch?

If you are aware of the Google Pixel Tablet, Pixel C, or Nexus tablets, then you know a Google-branded tablet is not a new idea. Right after the pixel slate was pulled from the company’s online store in early 2021, and a patent from Google was uncovered, the company talked about the Pixel Tablet in May 2022.

Google Pixel Tablet

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When Will Pixel Tablet Launch?

When it comes to tech devices, the first step for you to understand more about a product is uncovering a patent describing it.

Unlike a lot of products that do not move beyond the patent stage, the company has officially mentioned talked on this tablet “code named Tangor”, so we know for sure it’s coming. They first mentioned it at the May 2022, Google I/O event. But we still are not aware of its details, aside from that, Google is “aiming to make available next year.”

At the moment, the date of its release is still up for debate. But probably it is not too far off. In September of 2022 that shows it off as a Nest Hub-like tablet that can attach to a dock.

Pixel Tablet Price Rumors

At the moment, there are no trustworthy rumors concerning the price at the moment. But if we consider what Google would be charging for their devices and how competing companies price their tablets, we can formulate a guess.

Google’s Pixel 6 starts at $599.  If they plan to have a similar price ratio for their tablet, the pixel tablet might actually cost around $300.

Since 2018, Google is yet to release a tablet 2018. If they plan to compete with Apple’s iPad, which seems to be most people’s go-to tablet, a more competitive price might be in order. Also, there might be a pixel tablet pro, which would no doubt cost a bit more.

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Google Tablet Features

The pixel slate of 2018 ran on the Chrome OS, as does the Chromebook. It is where Google could head to this time around, but it is more likely that they would stick to a modified version of Android, which was the OS of choice for the pixel C and Nexus tablets.

If the phablet-like pixel fold ships in with the Android, which it no doubt will, then it would be surprising for the company to port it over to their new tablet as well. Staying with a single OS across all their devices makes sense.

As of 2021, Google announced Android 12L, which the company stated: “makes Android 12 even better on tablets and foldable devices.” Google says the OS is optimized for much larger screens and built for multitasking.

Also, we have heard that the pixel tablet might ship in with a 64-bit only build of Android 13. This according to Mishaal Rahman, should reduce memory use, but it also means it won’t be able to run 32-bit apps.

Pixel Tablet Specs and Hardware

At the moment, there is not much detail here just yet. It is assumed like most tablets, that this one would have all the basics: front and back-facing cameras, finger or face authentication, 256GB or more of storage, 4GB or RAM, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Google’s Tablet might also support 5G. More and More 5G devices would be coming out to take advantage of the greater speeds afforded by that tech, so it would be odd for you to see this released with the mobile connectivity that stops at 4G.

Given that Google released the Pixel 6 with the Tensor Processor, it makes sense that this tablet would have Google’s in-house chip for greater offline processing abilities. As a matter of fact, it might be the same chip as the pixel 6, despite the Pixel 7 receiving the 2nd-gen version.

Also, there might be multiple USB-C ports one for charging and others for peripheral devices. The company would probably be launched with its own side devices if they plan to market this as a laptop-level machine. They could mimic Apple and offer a corresponding cover, keyboard, and digital stylus.

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Does Google Have its Own Tablet?

The last time Google Launched an Android-based tablet was in 2015 with the Google Pixel C. After that one-and-done device, it switched things up by launching the Google Pixel Slate, based on Chrome OS.

What Happened to Google Tablets?

Unfortunately, the interest in Android tablets has dropped to an all-time low. So low in fact, Google decided to shutter its tablet division altogether, shifting employees to work on Chromebook and other projects.

Is Google Pixel Slate a Chromebook?

Unfortunately, the Google Pixel Slate happens to be Google’s next chapter of the Chrome OS after the search engine giant launched its own pricey Chromebook: the Pixelbook.

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