Top 7 Australian Scholarships for International Students

Top 7 Australian Scholarships for International Students

Top 7 Australian Scholarships for International Students. The Government of Australia in partnership with Australian Universities has ensured the provision of a huge number of scholarships for international students who desire to live and study in Australia. Australian Scholarships takes into consideration the financial needs of students especially those from developing countries.

Top 7 Australian Scholarships for International Students

About Australia

Australia is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the country is known for surfing, marsupials, and its warm climate. Australia is blessed with a huge area of 7.69 million SQ Kilometer, with this, it is currently the sixth-largest country globally. Amazingly for anyone seeking to study in Australia, the country is home or accommodates over 25 million people with its diverse nature. This warm climate region is also a global leader in education which makes it a popular study destination for international students.

Why Study In Australia?

Australia is a very popular study destination for international students because of the following reasons;

  • The country has a strong and consistent reputation for education across the world, with the world’s highest percentage of higher education qualified population.
  • Australian education system boasts a world-class education system, with a high-quality education for fair tuition fees.
  • Australia as earlier mentioned is one of the most welcoming and diverse countries.
  • Australia has over 260 languages being spoken, thus It will be a privilege to study and live within such a diverse society.
  • Students can explore the vast range of landscapes and habitats for plants and animals in Australia.
  • Not excluding the rainforests, mountain ranges, and deserts, with many modern and developed cities and towns.
  • You should apply to study in Australia dues to the awesome Australian Scholarships you will get to enjoy

Australian Scholarships Offered By The Government Of Australia

Here is a list of Scholarships programs provided by the government of Australia to international students globally:

Australia Awards Scholarships

AAS (Australia Awards Scholarships) was previously called  ADS (Australian Development Scholarships). This scholarship awards are long development awards offered by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Through this Awards Program, opportunities are made available for people Top Scholarships in Belgium for International Students countries located in the Indo-Pacific region, to undertake full-time undergraduate or postgraduate study at participating Australian universities.

The funds from this scholarship cover; full tuition fees, return air travel, establishment allowance, living expenses, Overseas Student Health Cover, etc.

Destination Australia Scholarships

This scholarship program is offered by the government of Australia, Destination Australia provides financial support in form of scholarships to both Australian students and international students to study in regional Australia. This scholarship is over 1000 and the amount spans around $15,000.

It will be offered per year to support the study and living expenses of each beneficiary studying a certificate IV to Doctorate level at a regional campus of a University in Australia.

Australia Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships

Research Training Program in Australia allows international students to enroll for a postgraduate research qualification in Australia and gain experience with leading Australian researchers.

Please note that the scholarships are available for two years for a Masters by research degree and three years for a Doctorate by research degree. Australian Research Training Program covers tuition fees and health cover costs.

Australian University Scholarships

Some of the Australian University Scholarship include the following;

University of Sydney – International Scholarships

Applicants who are qualified to enroll for a postgraduate Research degree and Master’s are invited by the University of Sydney to apply for the University of Sydney International Scholarship. The scholarship covers the following expenses;  tuition fees, living allowance, this coverage spans three years with a possibility of one semester’s extension for Ph.D. students.

Macquarie University International Scholarships

This international scholarship is offered by the Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University. The scholarship program covers a part of the tuition fee for outstanding students to study for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree at Macquarie University North Ryde campus. The amount of this scholarship varies up to AUD$10,000.

Griffith University – Remarkable Scholarships

Griffith University is the issuer of the Griffith Remarkable Scholarship. This program is targeted towards exceptional students applying for undergraduate and postgraduate coursework studies at Griffith University. It is simply to reward hard work. It covers 50% of tuition fees that will be deducted from the tuition fees for the duration of the program.

University of Melbourne – Graduate Research Scholarships

University of Melbourne offers the Graduate Research Scholarship, this scholarship is awarded to high achieving domestic and international research students. Graduate Research Scholarship benefits include tuition fee waiver, living allowance, relocation grant, and overseas student health cover.

Adelaide University (Global Excellence Scholarships for International Students)

Another scholarship program that is worth your application if you desire to study in Australia is that which is offered by the University of Adelaide.

This Program; the Global Academic Excellence International Scholarship is highly competitive. It reward undergraduate and postgraduate international students who are seen to have academic excellence in previous studies. It covers 50% of the tuition fees.

Australia is indeed one of the best study destinations of many around the world, check carefully from the above post the particular scholarship that fits you and go for it.


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