Top 5 Online UK Universities to Study In 2022

You can as well study in one of the top 5 Online UK universities to study in the year 2022. If you are one of the people who prefer some sort of flexibility in their studies and you wish to go for an online degree. Top 5 Online UK Universities to Study In 2022

Top 5 Online UK Universities to Study In 2022

The universities in our list were picked according to the top QS world ranking.

There is no need to wait for travel restrictions to be lifted or Visa approvals before you get an education abroad. While you spend a huge amount of time waiting to do that, lots of students are taking advantage of online learning in UK universities.

There are so many advantages you can derive from studying online. Apart from saving some costs, you study with much ease while working through other programs. The comfort and flexibility that you can get from online education make it more interesting, at the end of your studies, no value of your certificate is lost.

Best Universities Offering Online Degrees in the United Kingdom

The list below contains the top five universities in the United Kingdom offering online degrees;

University Of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge has adapted to the new method of teaching students because of Covid-19, just like many other schools both abroad and in the UK. Many of its lectures and programs are now offered online

If you are looking for admission into this University, you can get the latest information on that on their official website;

Durham University

The international study center, Durham University is currently ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and provides a number of pre-COVID-19 online courses.

Therefore, this is a wonderful starting point for your online academic journey.

Due to a partnership between Durham University Business School and FutureLearn, they are now able to provide completely free online courses.

To get more information about Durham University, visit their website:

De Montfort University

De Montfort is a wise choice for any student looking to pursue an international education because it is one of the top welcoming and accepting colleges for international students that also provides free online courses. However, generally speaking, the following requirements are necessary to gain admission into their program;

To get into a program at this University, you will need a Bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 2.5/4.0, and A-level international baccalaureate coursework, or its equivalent.

You will also need to pass an English Language proficiency course.

To get more information about De Montfront University, visit their major website,

University Of Lincoln

Lincoln is ranked as a QS 5-Star UK university and was recently ranked among the top 20 universities in the UK. Applications for online programs at Lincoln are typically revised once a year. This school offers programs completely online. To get more information about its online programs, visit the official page of the University,

Oxford Brookes University

This is one of the best modern universities, with a stellar local, national, and global reputation and a place among the best universities in the world.

Oxford Brookes is battling COVID-19 and currently offers 27 distance learning degrees online.

Visit the Universities Online platform to get more information about these programs;

Cheapest Online Master’s Degree UK

The list below contains some of the cheapest online master’s degrees in the United Kingdom

  • Business Strategic Management at Online Business School
  • Strategic management at Apsley Business School
  • Global MBA at the London School of Business & Finance – LSBF
  • Finance at SOAS University of London
  • Conversion MBA at York St. John University
  • Finance and Investment at London School of Business & Finance – LSBF
  • International Banking, Finance and Risk Management at Glasgow Caledonian University

How Much Does A UK Master’s Degree Cost?

There are very cheap solutions available, even if university education in the UK can be more expensive than in other European nations. Many common master’s degrees cost between £9000 and $20000 or more.

However, we have looked at some of the UK’s most reasonably priced online master’s programs, with courses starting at $2000. The cost of tuition will, of course, vary based on the degree and the location of the university.

What Are the Benefits of Studying Online?

There are actually many advantages of online learning, despite the fact that many people may view it as a less desirable option than attending classes in person. First off, it gives students a great deal of freedom because they may handle their courses on their own schedule.

You can choose when to view lectures, complete readings, or prepare coursework because course materials are often uploaded online prior to virtual classes. Additionally, distance learning allows you to pursue your degree from anywhere in the world.

while pursuing your degree, you could have a part-time job, reside at home, or even be on vacation!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Online University Is the Best In the UK?

The list below has some of the best Universities in the United Kingdom for online learning;

  • The University of Oxford. The
  • The University of Edinburgh.
  • Open University.
  • The University of Manchester.
  • King’s College London
  • The University of Birmingham. The
  • The University of Glasgow.
  • University of Sheffield

What Is the Best Degree to Study In 2022?

The most highly demanded degrees in the year 2022 are;

  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Hospitality
  • Computer Science
  • Architecture
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Information Technology.
  • Construction Management.

Are Online Degrees Worth It?

Most online learners considered their degree usefulness equal to or greater than the cost they paid to pursue it.

Is an Online Degree Valid in the UK?

Of course, it is. all Employers accept degrees that were gotten through distance learning and give them the same qualification that they got on campus.

Is Online Degree the Same as Regular Degree?

There is no difference between an online degree and a normal degree. This is because equivalent degrees earned online as compared to actual real-life degrees are given based on the same standards and processes or courses.



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