The Samsung Galaxy S23 Series Is Touted To Get AI Features

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is touted to get AI features. One UI 6.1 is coming real soon to recent Galaxy smartphones, tablets, and foldables.

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series AI features

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series AI features

Currently, the latest AI features from Samsung are exclusively available on the Galaxy S24 phone, but that’s set to change next month. In late March, Samsung will roll out the One UI 6.1 update, extending Galaxy AI features to the S23 series, including the S23 FE, as well as recent foldables and tablets. While these updates are free for now, there’s a possibility of charges after 2025.

Devices and Models to Get the Upcoming Update

The upcoming update will include the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5, along with the Galaxy Tab S9, S9 Plus, and S9 Ultra, aligning with Samsung’s goal of reaching 100 million phones with Galaxy AI capabilities this year. The One UI 6.1 update will bring highly anticipated AI features to these devices, such as live translation, generative photo and video editing, and Google’s Circle to Search feature. These features utilize a combination of on- and off-device processing, similar to the functionality seen on the S24 series.

The Prospect of Older Devices Gaining New Features

The prospect of older devices gaining new features is undoubtedly positive, despite any mixed reviews surrounding Galaxy AI’s current performance. While these features can be occasionally useful, they generally pose no significant risk when they don’t meet expectations. Additionally, One UI 6.1 will introduce several other non-AI updates, including lockscreen widgets and a unified Quick Share feature.

Upgrading to One UI 6.1

For users interested in upgrading to One UI 6.1 but prefer to avoid the AI features, there’s the option to disable them. This provides a straightforward solution for those who wish to steer clear of experiences like Pillow Arm.



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