More Samsung Galaxy S23 Price Leaks Have Come To Light

More Samsung Galaxy S23 price leaks have come to light and there are lots of price hikes.

More Samsung Galaxy S23 Price Leaks Have Come To Light

More Samsung Galaxy S23 Price Leaks Have Come To Light

Already, we have seen various price leaks in regard to the Samsung Galaxy S23, but they however are not stopping ahead of the stipulated expected launch of the devices on February 1. And right now, we have gotten information on the pricing in Germany, Turkey, and India.

Even though you don’t live in the mentioned regions, there are important sets of markers in regard to just how the devices will be priced on a global scale. For instance in Turkey, the Galaxy S23 phones are said to be costing more than their Galaxy S22 predecessors.

And the starting price for the least expensive Galaxy S23 model is going to be 50,000 Turkish lira apparently which is approximately $2,660 / £2,145 / AU$3,740, which as you should know is a very small fortune. The major reason for this price hike is largely due to high taxes on imported electronic goods.

Germany and India Price Hike

In other parts of the world, as rumored in Germany, the pricing for the Galaxy S23 phones has appeared on WinFuture via GSMArena. The rumored prices start at €949 for the S23, €1,199 for the S23 Plus, and €1,399 for the S23 Ultra which is a jump of approximately €100 in each of the reported cases in regards to the 2022 predecessors.

And finally, there is the priding for India. And according to MySmartPrice via Notebookcheck is going to be much higher than the pricing we already saw for the Galaxy S22. In this case, the S23 series is reportedly going to kick things off at 79,999 Indian Rupees.

What the Leaks Point To

All of these reported leaks suggest that you will be paying more for a Galaxy S23 phone than you would originally have done for a Galaxy S22 device although as of now, they are yet to be confirmed, although Samsung already is offering a couple of Galaxy S23 deals.


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