The OLED MacBook Air Rumored To Feature a Slightly Smaller Display

The OLED MacBook Air is rumored to feature a slightly smaller display. And according to the rumors, it is apparently going to be 13.4 inches.

OLED MacBook Air Display

OLED MacBook Air Display

We are all expecting Apple to launch a MacBook Air with a reported OLED display in the coming year or the next two years. And right now, the latest unconfirmed leak around the laptop is suggesting that it is going to be arriving with a slightly smaller 13.4-inch display feature.

This very rumor is per Ross Young, a well-respected industry analyst who prior to this has stated that this OLED MacBook Air will be going to hit the shelves in 2024. The analyst however adds that OLED-equipped MacBook Pros will not be showing up until 2024.

The Rumored the OLED MacBook Air release Date

And in a couple of days, we have not covered a report that pointed out 2024 as the year this new product would be making its debut. Both LG and Samsung apparently are the suppliers of the necessary OLED screens to the manufacturing partners of Apple.

The OLED MacBook Air Rumored Size

There is a tad bit of confusion in all of this (size matters), due to the fact that the previous reports made mention of a 13.3-inch display. And the most recent M2-powered MacBook Air was launched back in 2022 and it sports thinner bezels as well as a 13.6-inch screen, although the M1-powered edition from 2020 with a 13.3-inch screen is still being sold by Apple.

The OLED MacBook Air as per Young is set to go between these two sizes and they will come in at 13.4 inches. It however still remains to be seen the type of changes that there will be in regards to bezel size, the aspect ratio of the display, or even the dimensions of the laptop in general.

Other Pieces of Information from the Tipster

One more piece of info from the same source is that there apparently is a 15-inch MacBook Air gracing us this year, although with an LCD screen rather than the OLED one. This very piece of info matches up with the predictions from other reliable sources and tipsters in the industry.

Does MacBook Air Have an OLED Display

If you have been following the news from the tipster, then you already should know the answer to that question. But if you don’t, here is everything you need to know in that regard. The outgoing MacBook Air M2 chipset ships with a 13.6-inch IPS LCD display at the moment, thus offering it with an OLED panel and it will most efficiently diversify the product line for the tech company.



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