Potential Android Feature to be Launched on iPhone 13 – Potential Features on iPhone 13

Apple users might have another reason to be more excited for the iPhone 13, as recently, a rumor of the device having an always-on screen to its sets of new features. This Potential Android feature to be Launched on iPhone 13 would change a lot of things for iPhone users. This Leak came from tipster Max Weinbach were features in a new video from EverythingApplePro, which happens to be a prominent Apple news and rumors YouTube channel. Among all the leaks, the always-on iPhone 13 features were the top news on the video.

In the video, there is also a suggestion that the screen would feature a 120Hz LTPO display (low-temperature polycrystalline Oxide). This happens to be the same display type that is featured on the apple watch products, used for the primarily reduced battery usage.

Other Potential Features on iPhone 13

Aside from the Onscreen features, there are other potential features that the video also Highlighted. They include:

  • iPhone 13 may get an improved Ultra-wide Camera
  • the device may opt for thicker bezels
  • Apple preps a 10X Zoom camera – but the iPhone 13 would not have it.

What to Expect with the Always-on?

These potential Android features to be Launched on iPhone 13 have been seen in various Android devices for quite some time now, and it has taken apple some time to catch up. with the Display feature, your screen can be kept on in a low power state, and display some information like time, date, remaining battery life, and notifications. Lighting a limited amount of pixels on the phone’s screen, enabling it to remain on with as low battery usage as possible.

This feature is useful for, say if you want to know the time without having to turn on your phone. This might not be impressive to the casual observer, but being able to glance at your smartphone screen for several updates is one big convenience, most especially for all android users that have been making use of the feature.

Apple has only used the always-on Display before for their Apple Watch being the primary example here, but it’s never decided to implement the tech in its phones.

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