Shell United States: About Shell United States – Key Information

Speaking of Shell United States, The Royal Dutch Shell, which everyone refers to as Shell, is a British-Dutch multinational oil and gas company which has its headquarter located in The Hague, Netherlands. It has also been incorporated in the United Kingdom as a public limited company (PLC).

Shell United States

Shell United States

Presently as we speak, Shell oil company is the fifth-largest company globally from the report given based on the 2020 revenues and it is also the largest oil and gas company in Europe.

Also, in the year, the Shell Company was rated as the 22nd largest Public limited company globally by Forbes Global 2000. In this article, we are going to talk about Shell as a company and give the necessary details about the Shell United States.

Shell was founded in the year 1907  when the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company of the Netherlands which was formally known as Royal Dutch was amalgamated.

About Shell United States – Key Information

Shell Oil Company which is the United States subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell has about 80,000 employees who reside in the United States. The Shell United States headquarters are located in Houston, Texas.

Type: Public limited company

Traded as: LSE: RDSA, RDSB, Euronext: RDSA, NYSE: RDS.A, RDS.B, PSE: SHLPHFTSE 100 Component,

AEX Component


Industry: Oil and gas

Predecessors: Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. (1890); formerly the Royal Dutch Company for the Exploitation of Petroleum Wells in the Dutch East Indies, The “Shell” Transport and Trading Company Limited of the United Kingdom (1897)

Founded: April 1907; 113 years ago (original amalgamation)

20 July 2005; 15 years ago in Shell Centre, London (current entity)


“Shell” line:Marcus Samuel, Samuel Samuel

Royal Dutch line: Jean B.A. Kessler, Henri Deterding, Hugo Loudon

Headquarters: Haagse Hout, The Hague,​ Netherlands (Headquarters)

Shell Centre, London,​ England, UK (Registered office)

Area Served: Global

Important people: Charles O. Holliday (chair­person), Ben van Beurden (CEO).

Products: Lubricants, Natural gas, Petrochemicals, Petroleum, Revenue

Decrease: US$344.9 billion (2019)

Operating Income: Decrease US$30.2 billion (2019)[1]

Net income: Decrease US$16.4 billion (2019)[1]

Total Assets: Increase US$404.3 billion (2019)[1]

Total Equity : Decrease US$190.5 billion (2019)[1]

Number of Employees: 83,000 (2019)

Divisions: Shell Chemicals, Shell Gas & Power

Subsidiaries: Shell Australia, Shell South Africa, Shell Canada, Shell Hong Kong, Shell Nigeria, Shell Oil Company, Shell India, Shell Oman, Shell Pakistan, Shell Philippines, Shell Tunisia


More About Shell United States

The sole aim of the Shell company is to give support to progress together with more and cleaner energy solutions. They have a strong belief that the rise in the standards of living for a growing global population will most likely continue to enhance the demand for energy.

This includes oil and gas for the forthcoming years. Simultaneously, there is also a need to face climate change which implies that there is a global transition in the process to a low-carbon energy system.

Finally, at the Shell Company, they believe in portraying a set of key values which includes honesty, integrity, and respect for people which is the basis of the work that they do. The code of conduct, general principles, compliance manual, and ethics that are given aids every worker to always work in these values.


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