The Next Google Event – What we Know

In May of 2022, Google decided to tease the Pixel 7 and 7 pro smartphones and Pixel watches in its next Google event. Which is great news for all pixel fans as they would be getting a new flagship phone very soon.

The Next Google Event

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Next Google Event Date

The next Google event is expected to take place on Thursday, October 6. On this day, Google would be unveiling a lot of amazing new features alongside releasing their new flagship. As an Android or preferably a pixel fan, you should mark this date in your calendar not to miss out on the thrill of the event.

What to Expect

So far, as stated previously, we would be expecting the Pixel 7 and 7 pro smartphones and the pixel watch, which happens to be Google’s very first smartwatch. At the moment, tons of rumors have been flying around concerning the upcoming pixel flagship, but not so much about the watch.

But as usual, we should be expecting something more from Google’s smartwatch seeing as Google has always offered more in terms of features to devices running on their OS.

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The Last Google Events

Google I/O feature teasers of the Android 13, Pixel 7, and glasses. Also, it showed off a pixel watch that carries the Fitbit integration, the pixel Buds pro, a pixel tablet, and AR glasses.

Not much was said by Google on the AR glasses aside from a demo of live translation during a conversation. The device availability, pricing, and specs were not talked about, so for now we can only wait.

Google Pixel 6a smartphone was announced in march and also got a much closer look. We should get more information about these products and software updates in the fall. Android 12 was launched in the fall of 2021, just as the pixel 6 smartphone line did.

The pixel 6 and the pixel 6 pro smartphones were unveiled on October 19, 2021. The smartphone features an array of improvements, which includes Google’s tensor system-on-chip. In August, the company teased the smartphones in august, alongside its announcement of the 5G pixel 5a.

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How Do I view Event in on-demand if I have not Registered

Upon landing on the event page, you would log in with your Google account, and then register for the event, making use of credentials of you choosing. Once registered, you should get a confirmation message, and also be able to access the main content using the event landing page.

Where Would I See the Live Q/A Forum?

The Q/A forum is found on the lower half of the watch page, where you would find the main content displayed.

Can Anyone Submit a Question and Participate in the Q/A Forum?

Anyone that is registered can choose to take part in the live Q/A during the live stream. You can ask questions anytime you like.

Is There a Limit to Google Calendar Events?

Its users create more than 100,000 events during a short period, their ability to create a large number of events is reduced. Also, they might not be able to edit events for some hours.

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