The New Apple Watch Model Looks Like the Most Exciting Apple Update Yet

The new apple watch model looks like the most exciting apple update yet as many details about the apple watch 8 rugged edition have been shared.

The New Apple Watch Model Looks Like the Most Exciting Apple Update Yet

The New Apple Watch Model Looks Like the Most Exciting Apple Update Yet

For some time now, rumors have been flying around about the Apple Watch 8 Rugged editions which is a new top-tier spin-off of the upcoming Apple Watch 8 which is supposedly designed for endurance and outdoor activities. With that being said, a reliable hacker has provided great details about the upcoming smartwatch, and customers and enthusiasts alike are all excited.

The Hacker Who Leaked the New Apple Watch 8 Rugged Edition Information

The name of this leaker is Mark Gurman, yes, he is the one. The name is well known by tech fans all over the world due to his record on leaked apple products. He has shared a lot of information about the newest watch shake-up from apple in his weekly power on newsletter.

With the leaks being shared already, it seems that this smartwatch will be coming with some fascinating features. The hiking and swimming ones should appeal to people who like to go on long walks or probably like adventures like braving wild waters.

The Smart Watch’s Design

The design of the watch is rumored to be a major selling point as it is coming with a shatter-resistant screen and a premium metal shell which likely could be made of titanium as per Gurman. The battery life of the device is also said to have been boosted presumably over the watch 7, although at the moment this information is still not clear.

Surprisingly, Gurman thinks that the rumored apple watch 8 rugged edition or watch extreme, explorer, pro, or max as these are the many names being on circulation by leakers, and they are all mentioned by Gurman will come only in a cell-enabled version, therefore, eclipsing the more affordable Bluetooth only connection version that the comes with the standard apple watches.

Other Models to Look Out For

The leaker Gurman also mentioned something that other leakers like he has mentioned many times now – the rugged wearable will come also alongside a standard watch 8 and the apple watch SE 2 although they sound like less interesting models.


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