Under-Hood Fire Risk Vehicles Recalled By Ford

Under-hood fire risk Vehicles recalled by ford. The recent recall of these vehicles affects some Escape and Lincoln corsair SUVs and also some Maverick small pickups.

Under-Hood Fire Risk Vehicles Recalled By Ford

Under-Hood Fire Risk Vehicles Recalled By Ford

Automobile making company ford motor co. is currently recalling 100,000 of its vehicles all due to a risk of under-hood fires. Some of the vehicles are escape and Lincoln corsairs and others are maverick small pickups. The company is also expanding an initial recall of expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs because of a separate problem that can cause under-hood fires even though the said vehicles are parked and also turned off.

Some 2020 all through to 2022 model year escapes, Lincoln corsairs, and mavericks with 2.5-liter hybrid or plug-in hybrid powertrains are all affected by the recall. According to reports on Friday, if the engine of these cars fails oil vapor and fuel can leak onto hot parts and then catch fire.

Ford Reportedly Notify Owners of the Issue

The company reportedly will notify owners of these said cars starting from august 8. Ford dealers also will address the problem by making several alterations that will lower under-hood temperatures to a safe level. There have been 23 reports of fires when engines were on all over the world. But however, there have been no injuries as the company reportedly revealed about the recent recall.

The automobile-making company also expanded an earlier recall of Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs. Ford on Friday said that owners should park them outside and away from structures in a release. The company also said that it’s gotten 21 reports of under-hood fires, and this is including five reported cases since the earlier recall. It however said that it was aware of one reported injury.

If you know anything about the recall, both Ford and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have pages on their various platforms where you can check to see and know if your vehicle is affected by a recall.

The First Recall Covers Over 66,000 Ford Cars

The expansion of the earlier recall covers more than 66,000 Expedition and Lincoln Navigator SUVs in the United States alone that were manufactured between July 27, 2020, and Aug. 31, 2021. The initial Ford SUV recall, in May, applied only to over 39,000 Expedition and Lincoln Navigators with the model year of 2021 and build dates between Dec. 1, 2020, and April 30, 2021.

The automobile-making company said that it thinks that it has identified the main source of the issue with the expeditions and Lincoln navigators.

The Reason for the Cause of Fires in the Vehicles

Ford ‘believes the cause of these vehicle fires can be traced to a change in manufacturing location by a supplier during the COVID-19 pandemic,’ the company said in its release. ‘Printed circuit boards produced at this facility are uniquely susceptible to a high-current short and were supplied to Ford and installed in Expedition and Navigator SUVs produced during the recall window.’

Ford said that it expects parts to be made available for repair starting from early September. It also said that it started making contacts with its customers on Friday in regards to the repair.


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