The Google Pixel 7 Rumor That Will Fix One of the Biggest Pixel 6 Problems

The Google Pixel 7 design rumor that will fix one of the biggest pixel 6 problems. That being said, the Pixel 7 smartphone could end up being a very cool phone in all senses.

The Google Pixel 7 Rumor That Will Fix One of the Biggest Pixel 6 Problems

The Google Pixel 7 Rumor That Will Fix One of the Biggest Pixel 6 Problems

New rumors making the round on the internet currently say that an upcoming Google Pixel phone will be manufactured by making use of ceramic materials. And there is any truth to this; it could help to solve one of the biggest problems about pixel 6.

The Google Pixel 6 is a great phone no doubt. It is a great step up from previous pixel phones in every way. But one thing is that the phone can get really hot which is a serious issue given the hot weather being experienced all over Europe and other parts of the world at the moment.

For gamers who own a Pixel 6 phone, playing a game can be frustrating as your phone will begin to feel like the case is going to melt off and maybe this is the reason why official Google pixel 6 cases were getting warped.

Google Is Now Working To Find a Solution to the Heating Problem

And thankfully, it seems like Google is now working to find a solution to the said heating problem by manufacturing a smartphone with ceramic materials, and also it could be arriving as soon as the Google Pixel 7. The rumor is emanating from a post on the Chinese social media platform Weibo and was cited by 9to5Google. Digital Chat Station which is the poster said that Google has plans to partner up with Foxconn which is a Chinese manufacturing company. The company also manufactures Apple iPhones.

Foxconn Company Is Reported To Be Manufacturing a Pixel Phone with Ceramics

Apparently, Foxconn will not only be helping to create the rumored Google pixel fold which may be referred to as the Pixel Notepad, but it will also be creating a new Google pixel flagship that makes use of ceramics. One of the major advantages of this very material is how it handles heat. It is recorded that phones that are made of ceramic materials are not as hot to fell when compared to their non-ceramic counterparts.

And as with all rumors, we have to take this very one with caution. But if in the event Google does launch a pixel 7 or pixel 8 smartphone that is made of ceramic, it will then mean that I will be able to play some of the best android games without having to feel my smartphone burning.


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