The Era of Transparent Technology is Here

It’s evident, the era of transparent technology is here, as seen in recent news. Just like fashion, gadgets can also experience style comebacks. In tech, we’ve seen trends from ’80s beige keyboards to ’90s gray and black plastic video game systems, as well as vibrant colors in devices like Sony’s Walkman and Nintendo’s Game Boy. Then, as we entered the new millennium, we embraced the incredible transparent designs of products like iMacs, N64 controllers, and various gadgets with clear casings.

The Era of Transparent Technology is Here
The Era of Transparent Technology is Here

The Era of Transparent Technology is Here

Similar to the resurgence of grunge makeup and baggy jeans, transparent tech is making a comeback. Transparent devices are bypassing the likes of the white iPods from the 2000s, matte black smartphones from the 2010s, and today’s colored aluminum and glass finishes to (hopefully) become the next major trend.

Now, we have clear smartphones like the Nothing Phone, translucent earbuds like the Beats Studio buds, vibrant shell casings with transparency for game consoles, and even chargers and USB-C cables that proudly display capacitors for your viewing pleasure.

So, dig out your Apple Studio Display CRT monitor, that Toys R Us-exclusive Extreme Green colored N64 controller, and your other beloved transparent gadgets as you explore all the latest news in clear tech.

Sharge’s Transparent Batteries and Retro Mac Chargers

Are you familiar with Sharge? The company could be credited, just like Nothing, for the resurgence of transparent gadgets. Its transparent batteries have taken over social media and sparked a trend of imitators. Perhaps less known, Sharge also offers a fantastic charger designed in the shape of a classic Mac. This charger delivers a whopping 67 watts of USB-C PD charging through three ports, all while maintaining a compact size.

Although they tend to be on the expensive side, from now until October 11th, nearly all of Sharge’s chargers and power banks are available at their most attractive prices yet, especially when you apply the Amazon coupon codes.

This Limited Edition Fliper Zero 

The Flipper Zero, often referred to as a “portable multi-tool for pentesters and geeks in a toy-like body” by the company, and dubbed “a Swiss Army Knife of antennas” by Verge friend Chris Person, is now available in a limited edition featuring a transparent shell. I could have split this information into multiple sentences, but it seemed more in line with the Flipper Zero’s spirit to condense it all into one.

Apart from the casing, this limited-edition translucent model remains identical to other Flipper Zero units. It boasts features such as RFID, NFC, sub-GHz, Bluetooth, USB-C, and a row of GPIO ports along the top, allowing you to interact with other hardware. In July, the company introduced an app store, making it easier for hobbyists like me to discover interesting software for the Flipper Zero.

The limited edition transparent Flipper Zero is now on sale with a total of 7,500 units available, and it’s priced the same as the standard model at $169.99 in the US. Regrettably, for the approximately 400,000 existing Flipper Zero owners, the transparent shell will not be sold separately, as I inquired.

The press release explains that the original design of Flipper Zero was influenced by fin-shaped devices, the cyberpunk style, Tamagotchi, and retro gadgets from the 2000s. Additionally, the main character was inspired by the cyber-dolphin in William Gibson’s Johnny Mnemonic. The new transparent edition highlights its internal components and intricate design, reflecting the team’s commitment to open source.

Indeed, without a doubt! Display those internal components proudly! Embrace the cool look of translucent gadgets. No further justification needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Transparent Technology?

Transparent technology refers to electronic devices and gadgets that have transparent or see-through components, allowing users to see the internal hardware and design.

Why is Transparent Technology Becoming Popular?

Transparent technology is gaining popularity due to its unique and visually appealing design. It offers a glimpse into the inner workings of devices and showcases a commitment to open-source principles.

Are Transparent Tech Gadgets Functional or Just for Aesthetics?

Transparent tech gadgets are functional and offer the same features as their non-transparent counterparts. The transparency is primarily for aesthetics and to showcase the device’s internals.

Where Can I Find Transparent Tech Gadgets?

You can find transparent tech gadgets from various manufacturers and retailers. They may be available in limited editions or as specialized products.

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