Apple Just Launched a New Security Hub to Help Spot Bugs

Apple just launched a new security hub to help spot bugs and flaws. This is coming as the security research team of the company is looking to up its security game.

Apple Just Launched a New Security Hub to Help Spot Bugs

Apple Just Launched a New Security Hub to Help Spot Bugs

Just recently Apple unveiled a new security hub as well as an upgraded bounty hunting program as it is currently looking to up the way and medium it discovers, and remedies, various flaws, and vulnerabilities in its own ecosystem.

“Our groundbreaking security technologies protect the users of over 1.8 billion active devices around the world. Hear about the latest advances in Apple security from our engineering teams, send us your own research, and work directly with us to be recognized and rewarded for helping keep our users safe,” the newly created website reads.

Apple’s Bounty System Has Been Upgraded

Apple’s bounty system has been upgraded, the company said, and also claimed that it improved its response time as well as simplifying issue reporting and communication.

“First, we’re responding much more quickly. At times we received many more submissions than we anticipated, so we’ve grown our team and worked hard to be able to complete an initial evaluation of nearly every report we receive within two weeks, and most within six days,” apple explained.

“Our Apple Security Research site includes a new way to send us research on the web and get real-time status updates. Just sign in with your Apple ID and follow the prompts to send us a detailed report. You can then track the progress of your report and communicate securely with Apple engineers as we investigate.”

The Program Will Be Transparent According To the Company

The program also will be very much transparent, the company claims. The new site includes detailed apple security bounty information and evaluation criteria. The bounty categories on the platform include ranges and examples thus helping bounty hunters to determine where they want to focus their research on and also determine the type of reward they can expect. “We’ve provided ranges for submissions that impact Apple services and infrastructure, as well as our products,” it explains.


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