Microsoft to Add More Ads to the Settings App in Windows 11

Microsoft to add more ads to the settings app in Windows 11. A recent development by the company with the start menu is at the moment evident within the settings panel in testing.

Microsoft Settings App Windows 11

Microsoft Settings App Windows 11

The settings panel of Windows 11 has been seen with a couple of adverts in test builds of the OS, in what is sadly becoming a very familiar theme for various preview builds as of late.

And as seen by Deskmodder, a German tech website, this was reportedly flagged up by Albacore, a respected source for anything Microsoft leaks on Twitter.

Albacore however went on to share some screenshots of the new homepage for the settings app just as uncovered by digging deep into a Windows 11 preview from the Canary channel which as you already should know is the earliest test builds.

Details of the First Reported Screen Grab

The first reported screen grab shows an ad for Microsoft 365 at the top part of the panel thus telling users what they get with the service and also that they can try it for free for the free trial period. There is however a prompt under that to “finish setting up your account”, which simply refers to complete setting up your Microsoft account.

The other shared screenshots also have prompts that are relating to the Microsoft account, but this time urging users to sign in to the account which is one of which that is shown on the settings home page as well as another in the Accounts section. Users in the latter are directed to ‘sign in to get the most out of Windows’.

Analysis of Microsoft’s Current Move

We all have been on the attack against ads in Windows 11 for some time now, as this all seems to just be a broad concept that is gathering momentum with test builds of the OS in recent times and as we speak, so you should consider this as our feedback to Microsoft, you should not do it, any of it for that matter.

What is Microsoft Badging

Microsoft refers to this as ‘badging’  which is a name that is coined for the same kind of ads that appear in the Start menu that we have seen recently in the previews of Windows 11. And the company now regards these as helpful prompts for the user, but it is however advertising by any other name. The efforts particularly to try and get those making use of Windows 11 with a local account to sign up for a Microsoft Account, and then tie their OS installation to that.

Will Any of the New Developments Come To Light?

And now, we don’t even know if any of these latest moves currently in testing by the company (and still hidden in preview, in this case) will even come through to the release build of Windows 11, although badging in the Start menu has been rolled out in a limited fashion down to the finished version of the OS. And there may however be the ability to turn off these ads, as well, as Deskmodder has pointed out. The final incarnation of the Settings panel when it’s implemented in short may be very different from what we get to see now.



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