The Best Cheap Gaming Monitor Deals in January 2023

Knowing the right choice when choosing a good gaming monitor is the best decision to take in the year 2023. The Best Cheap Gaming Monitor Deals in January 2023 is one of the deals you should try checking out in the year 2023. You don’t intend to just use any gaming monitor, but there are some things you should check out before getting a gaming monitor.

The Best Cheap Gaming Monitor Deals in January 2023

What to know

There are some things or information you should be aware of before getting a gaming monitor. Some of those features you should know, in order to check them out when getting a gaming monitor.


Resolution is seen as the number of pixels that are displayed per inch for an image. There are gaming monitors with a resolution of 72 pixels per inch or another result. In other words, the number of pixels a screen can display horizontally and vertically.

The best resolution for a 24-inch screen is 1080p while for a 27-inch screen, the resolution should 1440p. A 4k gaming monitor has a horizontal display, having 4000 pixels for a large screen like a 32-inch gaming monitor.

Screen size

The screen size of a gaming monitor is seen as the diagonal length from each side viewed at a farther distance from the viewable screen side of the monitor. The screen size is measured in inches.

You get to see different screen sizes of gaming monitors, you see sizes between 24 to 32 inches, but there are some gaming monitors that happen to be larger and those screen sizes are 55 inches and even higher than that.

Refresh rate

The refresh rate of a gaming monitor is the number of times per second the display is able to draw a new image. The refresh rate is measured in Hertz (Hz). To put in more emphasis, if the refresh rate of your gaming monitor is 144Hz, then it would refresh the image 144 times per second.

The refresh rate you could consider getting is 144Hz which is seen as the upgrade of the standard 60Hz and 240Hz.

Response time

Response time is the time taken to communicate a request and process the request before the response is sent back to the terminal. The Response time is used to measure or find out about the performance of an interactive system.

There are some tools that could aid the speed in response time we get from our gaming monitor. Like the TN panels offer fast response and give you the best gaming display around 3-4ms. You could also see the IPS panels but they offer an average of between 4-6ms.

G-sync/ Free Sync

There are technologies that help to prevent screen tearing and stuttering. Screen tearing takes place when the refresh rate and the GPU frame rate are not coexisting. While Screen stuttering takes place when the monitor refreshes more consistently than the fps of your GPU.

This term helps the system to have a variable refresh rate, and this gives the monitor the opportunity to be able to adjust its refresh rate to the video card.


The High dynamic range the full meaning of HDR, offers an improved contrast ratio which is the difference between bright and dark areas of an image. It provides brightness and deeper black levels to make the image a high-contrast image.

Gaming Monitors

They are a lot of gaming monitors, there are some that you can get on a budget and there are still good for gaming, but first, let’s look at the best cheap gaming monitors that you would like to look at for the year 2023.

Dell S3422DWG

This is the first monitor we would be reviewing. This monitor has a 1800R curved screen that gives access to watch or see no matter where you are seated. This monitor has a display resolution of 3440 x 1440 and the refresh rate is 144Hz. The special features that make up this monitor are the height adjustment, anti-glare screen, Tilt adjustment, and flicker-free and curved display.

HP X27q ($270.00 at Amazon)

This monitor has a 165Hz refresh rate and offers a high frame rate. The panel that powers up this monitor offer you a resolution of 2560 x 1440 with 3.7 million pixels. You can get adjust the height of the monitor to the way you want it. Special features like an anti-glare screen, height adjustment, tilt adjustment, pivot adjustment, blue light filter, and flicker-free.

Alienware AW2521H ($489.00 at Amazon)

This is a 24.5-inch gaming monitor that is specially made or manufactured for high-grade gamers. The full HD of this monitor is 1920 x 1080. The maximum refresh rate of this monitor is 360 Hz which offers the best experience for a professional esports athlete in FPS games. The special features are height adjustment, pivot adjustment, anti-glare coating, Swivel adjustment, and tilt adjustment.

Koorul 24E4 ($128.94 at Amazon).

This is a 24-inch gaming monitor that has a full HD of 1920 x 1080 panels. The VA panel offers up to 165 Hz refresh rate that gives a fast and smooth gaming period. The special feature is wall mountable, tilt adjustment, flicker-free, G sync, and Eyecare. The available port available on the gaming monitors is 2 HDMI and 1 display port.

Dell S3222HG 32

This is a curved gaming monitor having a screen size of 31.5 inches and a display resolution of 1920 x 1080, the special feature of this monitor is an Anti-glare screen and a refresh rate of 165 Hz. The display resolution offers the best view from any angle. The 165 Hz gives you a fast and quick response. The ports available on this gaming monitor are a power connector, security lock slot, stand lock, HDMI port (2.0), display port 1.2, and a headphone out port.

Samsung odyssey G70A ($649.99 at Amazon)

This is a gaming monitor having a display of 4K UHD LED, FreeSync Premium support, a fresh rate of 144 Hz, and front light panels. The special features that make up this monitor are Swivel adjustment, tilt adjustment, pivot adjustment, and height adjustment.

Best Budget Gaming Monitor

The following are the gaming monitor that you could get on a budget:

  • ViewSonic XG2431 ($279.99 at Amazon)
  • Gigabyte M27Q ($269.99 at Amazon)
  • HP X24ih.
  • LG 27GL650F-B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a refresh rate of 165Hz good for gaming?

Yes, it is good for gaming, the 165 Hz monitor would provide an improved panel, better color accuracy, better HDR, and better and faster response.

What is the best Hz for gaming?

What is the best Hz for gaming, and the minimum Hz for gaming is 60 Hz and the maximum is 144Hz and the maximum Hz offers a boost of performance. In order to be effective while gaming, you would need a high Hz for fast performance.

What is the fastest gaming monitor?

The fastest gaming monitor is the Alienware 500Hz gaming monitor it is part of the CES 2023 Innovation Award and is the best of innovation winners that offers the best gaming monitor with great speed.

What are the best gaming monitors?

The following are the best gaming monitors that you could find:

  • Acer.
  • ASUS.
  • Dell.
  • Gigabyte.
  • HP.
  • LG.
  • MSI.
  • Samsung.

Is a 27-inch or 32-inch monitor better for gaming?

For the 32 inches, this could be a good option if you want a large screen monitor for gaming. The 32-inch screen offers more space and it maintains a 16:9 aspect ratio.  But if you don’t want a large screen, then you could still settle for the 27-inch monitor.

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