5 Best Free Video Editor for Youtube in 2023

Here I would be stating the 5 Best Free Video Editor for Youtube in 2023. Placing your videos on YouTube would need to filter properly and that is why this article would be your guide to making sure that you have the right choice on the best filter or Video Editor that gives your Videos the uniqueness you want.

5 Best Free Video Editor for Youtube in 2023

Best Free Video Editor for YouTube in 2023

The following are part of the right choice that could aid you to use the right filter that would make your videos unique.


This is an easy-to-use or user-friendly video editor and also a movie maker that has awesome features and a lot of features that make you become more creative. FilmoraGo is the former name but the initial and new name is Filmora. With Filmora you get to trim clips to the part of the clip you want, add music to your videos, and add transition effects, texts, filters, and emojis are among the features you could add to personalize and make your videos unique.

This is a cross-platform that makes videos anywhere you are and it is also a suitable choice for video creators and those creators who love uniqueness. You get creative by making your own videos with really cool filters and emojis. You add the best features to your videos and share them to Filmora Workspace, the best for more creativity.

With Filmora you can share life, share knowledge, make highlights and you could simplify business, which simply means you can add features that make your business more understood and attractive. This is also the best app for becoming the professional you have always wanted to be.

Download Filmora.


This is the best YouTube video editor with many free assets. Imagine making your own videos using your pictures or any content of your choice and adding the effects. There are a lot of features that make up this awesome editor. Features like: 30 text-to-speech voices that aid you to read captions, there are five export resolutions of 4K, and extract audio from videos in order to personalize your own video.

You also get to see a different and large number of keyboard shortcuts, and auto-save, you get to see advanced text tools, effects, transitions, and filters that you could add to make your video better.

The CapCut app could be used for Windows or macOS. The app is available for both web versions and also available for mobile apps.

Download CapCut.


The ClipChamp is now part of Microsoft. You can get to design your ideas in order to make creative videos. On ClipChamp, you get to use customizable video templates, you find templates that are already made that aid you for faster use for ads and any other purpose. ClipChamp has different video stock that helps bring out your personalized video files. You get to see a long list of video and audio libraries from which you can choose.

The technology that powers the ClipChamp allows it to compress, convert, collect, record, and create videos with the speed that in file formats, file formats that are hard to convert or share.

Download ClipChamp


This is the best app that gives you the freedom to create. The development updates include the technical documentation day, the metal viewport, the brush assets workflow, and the geometry nodes workshop 2022.

Well, Blender is a free and open-source that is a public project that is hosted on blender.org, licensed as GNU GPL is also owned by its contributors. Blender is software that is driven by passion and it is the best choice for designers, developers, engineers, and artists. There are a lot of features that make up this creative app.

Download Blender.


This is the non-linear editing system that is used to edit digital videos. It is discovered that over the past 30 years, Lightwork has been the strength to create all types of videos and brings out the creativity in video creators.

Lightworks gives access to video creators to be able to place their videos directly on YouTube. Some of this software is that you could add your voice to the timeline, import videos in the bunch, you can build macros that aid in faster editing which saves time, you could also go through fonts in real-time, export videos that are up to 720p and so many other features.

Download Lightwork.


What free editors do YouTubers use?

The free editor that YouTubers use is PowerDirector 365, which is a free YouTube video editor that is user-friendly and is suitable for beginners YouTubers, and even the pros. It has features like multi-cam editing, keyframing, animated titles, 360-degree editing, and other features.

What is the best Video editor for YouTube?

The following are the best video editors for YouTube:

  • Adobe Premiere Rush.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Adobe After Effects.
  • Adobe Spark Video.

8 top video editing apps in the whole world?

The following are some of the best video editing app in the whole world:

  • Adobe Premiere Rush.
  • Quik.
  • LumaFusion.
  • KineMaster.
  • iMovie.
  • FilmoraGo.
  • Apple Clips.

Is Video Editing hard?

Video editing is not hard, it just takes more practice to be to adapt. If you happen to be new to video editing, then you would become comfortable with the video editing software in the next few days of start. And you might need a few weeks or more to be able to learn the advanced functions of these applications.

Is there an in-built YouTube free video editor?

Yes, there is. YouTube has its own built-in video editor that allows you to acquire basic editing ability, where you can trim, cut, add music, and other features. But in order to make videos that would have titles and writeups that show up when you talk in order to interact better with your viewers, you will need an advanced and robot video editor.

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