The 10 Best TikTok Video Editor Apps of 2023

The 10 best TikTok video Editor Apps that are suitable for TikTokers in the year 2023. There are apps available that could help you to edit all the contents you post on TikTok. We all know about TikTok and how popular the app is and how many users are frequently on it.

The 10 Best TikTok Video Editor Apps of 2023

Best TikTok Editors for 2023

There are a lot of apps that could aid your editing for TikTok and the following are the best recommended. The best apps that have good features to make the best editing for your videos.


This is the best editing app for creating quick movies and slideshows. With Magisto you could create mini-movies in minutes, and you get to explore smart editing styles that you would like. Magisto is now a part of Vimeo.

Magisto by Vimeo is the best app that is used for the creation and editing of TikTok apps. This app helps you to be able to record travel videos. Home tours, memory videos, and a lot more. There is also available space for the app’s library or you could also listen to your playlist by uploading it from your device. It is accessible for both iOS and Android devices.

Download Magisto.


This is one of the wide selections of music from today’s hits and old favorites. You could use Lomotif to able to save videos easily, you also get to add fun Gifs to your emoji folder. You could download this app for your iOS and Android devices.

Are you a TikToker and you love to add music to your TikTok videos, then Lomotif is the best app for you. With Lomotif you could get a lot and different varieties of music to add to any of your videos. You should note that there are no editing tools that could aid you to edit your videos but you could get a lot of Gifs to add to your video and give your videos uniqueness.

Download Lomotif.


This is the best TikTok editing app. You could get access to easy tutorials that enable you to create new videos, and it includes different editing tools. And what makes the app better is that you could connect TikTok to the editing app.

This is the best decision of app that beginners could get in order to start the TikTok app, the app gives access to beginners with the aid of in-app tutorials. You get to be better when you use to watch videos of previous TikTok challenges, and video edits and you get other videos related to what you are interested in.

Apart from the Tutorials this app offers, the app also has other editing tools that could help your videos look more better. Editing tools like visual effects, filters, emoji and other editing tools make your editing better. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Download Zoomerang.


This is the best choice of app that helps to resize your apps and also aids in adding text to your videos. You get the choice to choose from 12 different video sizes and add your own personalized text to your video. You get to add stickers, filters, and many more.

In the app you would add custom text to your video. Not just that, there are other features that you could use to personalize your video, features as stickers, sound, and other cool effects. You could add specific songs, you could add your own songs from your playlist by uploading whatever you like. To use the best features of this app you would need a premium subscription.

You could download the app for your iOS and Android devices.

Download Inshot.

TikTok In-App Editor

This is the app that is placed inside the TikTok app and it aids you to use a different choice of photo templates that allow you to create personalized slideshows.

If you wanna post a video, then you could edit the video without going out of TikTok. There are a lot of features you could use to personalize your videos to your taste. There are features like filters, stickers, and other features.

How about my images, Well TikTok photo template helps or aids you to be able to create a cool combination of your photo, after editing your photo, it automatically gets added to your TikTok account. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

Download TikTok In-app Editor.


The main features of this app liked by “Lifewire” are as follows: Choose from landscape, portrait, and square video formats, Animate your intro and outro of your video and with the level of your creativity you could custom, and edit any video that you upload or create.

In order to be more creative, you could personalize and edit videos using Funimate. Choose the video format, choose the animated parts that could use as the intro and outro, and use the animated parts as your intro, outro, and other parts.

You enjoy more features and different effects and animation with a premium subscription after a 7-day trial. You could download the app for your iOS and Android device.

Download Funimate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Number 1 app for video editing?

The number one app for video editing is Premiere Rush. The Premiere Rush is the scaled-down version of Premiere Pro. This is the best option for starters and those who are just beginning and it is also a useful app for professionals.

What is the trending editing app?

The most popular and widely used app is Adobe Lightroom. This version is the popular desktop software that provides access to professional editing tools on the go. It is powered with RAW files, which is the high-quality image format that is mostly used by photographers.

What is the number one best editing app?

The number one editing app is PicsArt and it is the top choice photo editing app that is user-friendly and it gives basic learning for consumer mobile photography. It offers creative control, excellent image editing tools, and cool editing filters.

What is the popular editing app for YouTubers?

The popularly used app for YouTubers is Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Premiere Pro. But the most used app is iMovie, this is because it is pre-installed on the Apple device and It offers all the features that aid you in video editing.

What is the alternative app for CapCut?

The CapCut app is widely used but the app that is superior or better than CapCut happens to be Kdenlive. Kdenlive is an open and free source app. There are other apps like a shortcut, DaVinci Resolve, Avidemux, and OpenShot that are similar to CapCut. But the apps that are alternatives to the CapCut app and they are also video editors are VFX software or Motion Graphics Software.

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