Easy Guide on How to Add Chrome Extensions on Your Phone Browser

In this article, you will discover an Easy Guide on How to Add Chrome Extensions on Your Phone Browser. Are you having difficulty adding Chrome Extension on your phone browser? Here is Easy guide on how to add a chrome extension on your phone browser.

Easy Guide on How to Add Chrome Extensions on Your Phone Browser

Easy Guide on How to Add Chrome Extensions on Your Phone Browser

Google Chrome extension are software program installed in your Chrome browser to modify existing behaviors, improve software convenience, automate certain functions in your browser, checks one spelling as typed, save passwords,

Google Chrome users on Android may find it difficult to add a chrome extension because Google doesn’t provide a way to add extensions to phone browsers but other means have been devised over time. You can use a third-party Chromium-based browser like Kiwi Browser or Yandex.


Kiwi Browser is a web-browsing application that supports chrome extensions on Android. The browser installs fast and loads quickly. Yandex Browser is a freeware web browser that utilizes DNS spoofing protection to scan files, websites for viruses. It supports chrome extensions on mobile phones too. Below are easy guide on how to add Chrome Extension on your phone browser:

  • Download Kiwi Browser latest version
  • Launch the browser and tap the three dots in the top right corner, select extensions.
  • Switch on the toggle button in the upper right corner to enable developer.
  • Access the Chrome Web store by entering https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions in the URL bar
  • Pick the desired extension and install button will be shown next to the extension.
  • Once you find the extension, select Add to Chrome. Hit Ok to install the extension in your phone broswer.

Types of Chrome Extensions for Phone Browser


Is a chrome extension that helps you create different strong passwords for different sites, automatically fills online forms and logins as required. Using this extension grants the advantage to login into an online account without inputting usernames and password.

Evernote Clipper

Allows you to quickly clip an entire web page for future reading. This tool can highlight important information with text or visual callouts. It is an extension that supports formats that one can clip from Amazon site, etc and can easily access saves items and share via electronic mail.

Google Scholar Button

Is a limited extension that allows you find and cite sources of text on the web. All you are required to do is search inside the box that will pop up when you tap on the icon for extension.

Students using Chrome browser prefer Google scholar button extension which automatically search for references matching highlighted text within the Chrome browser.


It is a grammar and a real time checker tool for online writing that vets your punctuation, spelling as you write and it has a dictionary function that suggests related words. The tool works with Gmail, LinkedIn, and almost everywhere else you find yourself in the writing world. This extension will favour content writers, lecturers, copywriters, etc. as it shapes their diction.


There are chrome extension that helps one list and remember tasks un left, Todoist is one of them. It is a chrome extension that allows you to collaborate with teams as well as remind you of projects listed on your calendar.

Articles can be saved in this extension also. To quickly add tasks, highlight any text on a page, right-click and tap Add to Todoist. Hit the Todoist icon to see all your Todoist task lists.

How to Remove Google Chrome Browser

A few steps and you will remove Google Chrome browser in less than two minutes. These steps are;

  • Open Chrome
  • Select “More tools Extension”
  • The extension you want to remove, next to it select “remove”

To disable the browser;

  • Open Chrome
  • Select “More tools Extension”

After this, Turn off the extension you want to disable.


Do Chrome Extension work on Mobiles?

Wondering if you could browse faster with your mobile phone? Chrome extension are mostly available to PC Browsers thus, do not work  on Mobile but certain extensions have availed its app for Android users to benefit from.

Extensions like Kiwi Browser , Grammarly, Google scholar button, etc have been made possible to download even with your mobile phone.

Where can I find Chrome extensions?

Interested in adding an extension to your browser to enable faster services? Visit Chrome Web store today to get thousands of amazing extensions. A chrome web store is an online store for all Google users to buy various features and extensions needed while using a browser either on PC or Mobile.

Do I need Chrome extension?

Yes you do. When installed, they change the functionality of your browser, help you automate certain functions in your browser, modify existing behaviours and improve software’s convenience.

Provisions for Chrome extension that can improve SEO writing has been made available to Mobile  and PC users.

Can Chrome Extension have Viruses?

Yes, viruses can be got from Chrome extension. Extensions can be created by anyone intellectually inclined in the field of software designs but they are very susceptible to getting attacked by malwares and getting hacked too.

The only way to be safe is by downloading extensions from trusted sources ( developers who follow all the policies) and keep them up-to-date. Before you download that Extension, run a background check on the company or developer, seek for reviews, etc.



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