5 Sleeping Positions that Determine Your Personality

Discover 5 Sleeping Positions that Determine Your Personality in this article. Did you know that you can tell a person by his sleeping position? Or are you eager to know your personality? Join me in this article as we discuss five sleeping positions that determine your personality.5 Sleeping Positions that Determine Your Personality

5 Sleeping Positions that Determine Your Personality

Over time, there have been suggestions, discoveries, and theories regarding humans and their unique personalities. Scientists and fellow citizens have wondered through time to define the different personalities, zodiac signs, temperaments, etc. So many people aren’t aware of their sleeping position and uniqueness in personalities. Keep reading!

During our sleep, there’s every tendency to feel uncomfortable in the mattress or bed which can alter sleeping position in 10-30 minutes. Nonetheless, there’s one unique sleeping position dominant in you!

Below are Five sleeping positions that determine your personality :


These set of persons lie with their stomach facing the mattress, head turned to one side and their hands are wrapped by your pillow. This is likened to their personality: High-spirited, adventurer, strong-willed, risk-taker.

They possess the skills of leadership, are social media butterfly, avoids confrontation and do not take criticism likely, are friendly when in the right mood and they are gregarious in nature.


This is another type of sleep position where an individual who lies on his side with his knees bent towards the chest. People with this dominant sleeping position most likely, seek for protection, crave to be loved and cared for. They find it hard opening to fellow humans and are guarded from worldly issues. They are considered shy, timid, sensitive and forgiving.


This sleeping position is common with people who are meticulous, strict, reserved and disciplined in all areas of life. You lie with your both hands by their side, face up and back facing the bed or mattress. People with this sleeping position exude self confidence, seekers of experience, open minded and independent in nature.

Pillow Huggers

These are set of persons who sleep with their arms wrapped round their pillow and limbs, same direction. They love to be loved, cared for in relationships. They esteem cuddles and cosy so much with people important to them.


They sleep with arms and legs spread out with their faces up high. It is most likely that this set of persons are true with their friendship, always eager to listen to anyone, bring the first to stretch forth arms for help.

They don’t yearn to be the center of attention but they love to be respected hence, they are discreet in their dealings with fellow beings.

How to Stop Snoring While Sleeping

There are lifestyle habits that ought be followed in order to stop snoring at once. These habits include;

  • Lose weight if overweight
  • Sleep on your side
  • Treat nasal congestion
  • Get enough sleep
  • Avoid alcoholic drinks
  • Quit smoking

Also, you should try elevating the head of your bed.


What Is the best sleeping position for a lady?

Amidst the sleeping positions outlined above, sleeping on your back is termed healthy as it protects the body’s spine, relieves hip and knee pain. As a lady who seeks to keep fit, try sleeping on your back for couple of weeks and eventually it becomes your habit.

Can Sleepwalkers see you?

For those who walk around the house sleeping, they are already  familiar with the position of objects around them so they get to bypass obstructions in the rooms but are most likely to either recognise you or not even with their eyes wide open. You’ll also notice talking out of point and disorientation  till the sleep wears off.

How many hours of sleep do I need in 24 hrs?

As an adult, it is required you sleep from 7 hours above. The human body needs to rejuvenate itself from the tediousness of the day. The only way to do this is via sleep.

Medically, your eyes should be shut and brain in its calm state for 7 and above hours.  These days, the use of caffeine and the likes to keep awake has eaten the brain cells than we recognised.

Is snoring while sleeping bad?

Most persons snore while sleeping which could be harmless and non- effective but exemptions are made for a few persons and are advised to meet with a health professionals for more advise.

An estimate was carried out and it was found that 45% snore occasionally while 25% snore regularly. People of the middle aged and older tend to snore more frequent than the young ones.

If you happen to snore more frequent at an early age and it’s quite disturbing then, meet with a health professional for more counsel!



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