Teardown of PlayStation VR 2 Reveals Its Complex Design

The Teardown of PlayStation VR 2 reveals its complex design just ahead of its launch. The costly PS5 accessory is set to arrive on February 22.

Teardown of PlayStation VR 2 Reveals Its Complex Design

Teardown of PlayStation VR 2 Reveals Its Complex Design

With just one week to go before the PlayStation VR 2’s launch on February 22, Sony has given users a look into the $550 PS5 headset and the internal components of its sense controllers in a pair of teardown videos.

Details of the Shared Teardown Videos

The first video sees Takamasa Araki, the head of PlayStations mechanical design team, pulling the PS VER 2 headset apart very smoothly making use of his hands, a screwdriver, and tweezers. The techie then discusses each element in detail although some of the most satisfying is seeing the dinky little fan that is designed to stop users from turning into a sweaty mess as you play, as well as the mechanics of the lens adjustment dials.

Araki also revealed just how the device tracks eye, movements as each lens has an infrared LED working with an IR camera that captures its light.

Details of the Second Video

The second video that was shared follows Takeshi Igarashi from the peripheral design team as he dissects the PS VR2 Sense controller. He then highlights how four-finger touch detection enables players to make more natural hand gestures as they play using the device alongside the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that mirror the DualSense wireless controller.

Sony has however warned users not to try these teardowns at home, as doing so invalidates the warranty of the device.


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