Microsoft Reportedly Kills Off Internet Explorer

Microsoft reportedly kills off Internet Explorer, its legacy browser. The company according to reports disabled Internet Explorer 11 on Tuesday.

Microsoft Reportedly Kills Off Internet Explorer

Microsoft Reportedly Kills Off Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer at some point in time ruled the web browser world, but currently, it is dead. Parent company Microsoft on Tuesday disabled its out-of-support legacy browser in a bid to improve user experience and transfer organizations to its newer Edge Browser, the company stated. This however applies to “certain versions of Windows 10,” Microsoft also noted.

Microsoft’s Assertion of the Development

“With a growing number of websites no longer supporting Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge offers a faster, more secure, and more modern browsing experience that can still open legacy, Internet Explorer-dependent sites when needed,” Microsoft in a statement said.

Devices that had not already redirected from IE11 to Microsoft edge as of Tuesday will be as per Microsoft.

Internet Explorer Controlled 95% of the Browser Market In 2013

Internet explorer at one point ruled the browser industry. And in 2013, it controlled 95% of the browser market. The days of the reign of Internet Explorer are long over though and Microsoft had to move on to Edge. But the push of Microsoft to integrate the newly AI-boosted Bing search engine into Edge has ignited interest in both.

User Reaction to Microsoft’s Announcement

When the announcement that Microsoft was axing the Internet Explorer Browser spread last summer, the reaction of the public was both hilarious and emotional, the browser got its very own headstone in South Korea, and IE memes abounded all over the internet.


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