Musk Pushed Algorithm Change In Order To Boost His Tweets

Musk pushed algorithm change in order to boost his tweets according to reports. The tech CEO and billionaire was not happy that his super bowl tweet dropped the ball in contrast to one from President Biden, as per Platformer.

Musk Pushed Algorithm Change In Order To Boost His Tweets

Musk Pushed Algorithm Change In Order To Boost His Tweets

Elon musk on Sunday pressured his engineers to modify Twitter’s algorithm to prioritize his tweets, thus resulting in users’ feeds being flooded with tweets from musk, as per a report on Tuesday by Platformer.

The CEO of Twitter was angry that his tweet which was in support of the Philadelphia Eagles during the Super Bowl on Sunday majorly drew less attention than a similar one that was posted by President Joe Biden as per Platformer. The tweet by Biden reportedly generated close to 29 million impressions in contrast to Musk’s 9.1 million just before he deleted the comparatively lackluster tweet.

The Reason for Twitter’s Algorithm Change

The closest assistants to musk reportedly instructed an engineering team of 80 to fix the engagement issue immediately. And as reported by Platformer, the solution they came up with was to boost Musk’s tweet artificially by a factor of 1,000 essentially bypassing filters that are designed to improve user experience on the platform.

Several Twitter users the next day noticed that their “For You” feeds on the website were full of tweets and replies from the tech CEO and billionaire and this is inclusive of accounts that do not even follow him.

Elon Musk’s Reaction to the Issue

On a request for comment on the matter, Twitter did not respond immediately, but Musk on Tuesday asked users to “stay tuned” while the social media platform made “adjustments to the uh…algorithm.” A couple of hours earlier; musk posted a meme tweet on the platform that seemed to suggest that his tweets were being forced on Twitter users.


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