T-Mobile to Provide Free MLB.TV to Customers Till 2028

T-Mobile to provide free MLB.TV to customers till 2028. The mobile carrier has now extended its deal with Major League Baseball and in the process allowing customers to sign up for MLB.TV all for free for the next couple of years.

T-Mobile Free MLB.TV

T-Mobile Free MLB.TV

T-Mobile is set to continue its offering of free MLB.TV subscriptions to customers all through to 2028. The carrier in a post on its site announced that it has just extended its partnership with Major League Baseball, thus giving customers the chance to watch baseball games for free each and every season for the duration of the deal.

Mobile carrier company, T-Mobile which normally costs $149.99 per annum has offered MLB.TV as a free perk for its customers for the previous eight years. The service as you should know provides livestreams of out-of-market home and away games, alongside access to pregame and postgame shows. And while you can’t catch in-market games live, it still allows you to watch them on demand after they have just aired across a host of platforms, and this is including iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, as well as PlayStation.

T-Mobile Is Also Partnering With the MLB to Test an Automated Ball-Strike System (ABS)

T-Mobile In addition to announcing this deal also stated that it is partnering with the MLB in a bid to test an automated ball-strike system (ABS) that is powered by the private 5G network of the company at certain Minor League games. The company says that the private network should let real-time ABS video and data to be “transmitted securely to help prevent signal interference via devices and the ABS application.”

T-Mobile Has Ended the Free Signup Period for MLB.TV for This Year

Unfortunately, the carrier already has ended the free signup period for MLB.TV for this year. So if you didn’t get a subscription this year, you will have another chance for the next six given the fact that you are still a customer of T-Mobile by then. And in the event you were hoping that Apple TV Plus would offer free Friday Night Baseball games this very year, you are unfortunately out of luck. The service as you should know now requires you to sign up for a $6.99 per month Apple TV Plus subscription in order to catch the games each week.

Other Networks to Carry Out Similar Developments

It also does not help that YouTube TV dropped the MLB Network over a certain carriage dispute, either. And outside of these services, the YES Network is now offering a subscription to view New York Yankees, Brooklyn Nets, and New York Liberty games, but you will however have to be in the “regional coverage territory” of the station in order to subscribe.



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