Meta Reportedly Adds 14 Free Games in Messenger

Meta reportedly adds 14 free games in Messenger which users can play over video calls. Games such as Words with Friends, as well as Exploding Kittens, are now built-in with messenger video calls, so you don’t get to be hung up by your friends as you wait for them to take their turns.

Meta Adds Games in Messenger

Meta Adds Games in Messenger

The Gaming division of Meta’s Facebook is making Messenger video calls much more interesting with a new set of free-to-play games that users now access with their friends while they chat face-to-face, no matter where they are. The feature as you should know comes fairly late in the post-Covid lockdown world but it is however great for quick sessions of Words with Friends, Mini Golf FRVR, and Exploding Kittens.

The best part of the new Messenger video call gaming feature however is how accessible they are for Facebook account holders and users. All you need to do is to initiate a video call with one or many friends, then tap on the group mode button located in the center, select the Play icon, and then select a game available in the library presented to you. There is no form of downloading or installation required here.

Facebook in 2018 Launched an AR Games Feature in Messenger

Facebook back in 2018 launched an AR games feature in Messenger that allows up to six friends to jump on a call and then get to play games such as Don’t Smile, which as the title and name suggest challenges friends not to grin. But the rollout however brought in real mobile games that are successful already outside of Messenger.

The New Games Feature Availability

The new set of games that are within Messenger video calls is available now for users on iOS, Android, and even on a web browser. There are 14 games at the moment in the library and most of which only need two players for now and more are expected to come as Facebook Gaming appeals to developers to reach out in regards to adding the feature to their games.

The Challenges of the New Feature

Video calls can be an excellent medium to interact with friends all the while playing games, but many platforms lack easy ways to initiate such a quick, fun session without layering the conversation across two services or getting to set up a screen-sharing Drawful event.



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