Summer Game Fest 2022 – When and Where is it Happening?

The summer game fest is coming back once more in 2022. The event is set to mark the third year of Geoff Keighley’s season of gaming.

Summer Game Fest 2022

Summer Game Fest 2022

Just like the past years, Summer Game Fest 2022 would launch with a live Kickoff show, that is hosted by Keighley, which would then be accommodated by a series of digital live stream showcases from tons of publishers and developers.

At what time exactly would the 2022 summer game fest take place, and who would be attending, is yet to be confirmed, but previous years have seen appearances of games from PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo, to name a few. So, it is actually worth it if you decide to tune in to the globally streamed showcases, as they would likely be including some major game announcement of the year.

What is Summer Game Fest

The summer Game Fest is a Season of digital events from game publishers and developers. Summer game fest is not exactly an event – although it is an annual kickoff live show. Instead, it is more of an overarching umbrella that encompasses a lot of different publishers’ live streams.

The summer game fest was set up by the Game Awards host Geoff Keighley and it made its debut in 2020 – filling in the gap that was left by the canceled E3 2020. The festival began in May and ran till August in 2020, bringing together 16 of the biggest publishers in gaming, including Microsoft, Sony, Activision, Valve, and Bethesda, in a fourth-month cavalcade of news, trailers, and game demos.

Fortunately, the summer Game Fest 2021 was “more condensed” but somehow bigger than the previous year, running from June through July 2021, and it features tons of digital live stream showcases from a range of notable publishers and developers that includes Xbox, PlayStation, Ubisoft, and Bandai Namco.

When it comes to the summer game fest of 2022, we are not yet sure of what we should be expecting. Organizer Geoff Keighley has confirmed that the season of gaming would be returning “Summer 2022” but when it would be commencing, and how long it would be lasting is yet to be stated.

There is no registration needed for the summer Game fest 2022, with every conference available to watch for free online right on the streaming platform that you desire.

When and Where is the 2022 Summer Game Fest

At the moment, no date has been set for the summer Game Fest 2022 to kick-off, there has only been a promotional image stating that it would be returning in “summer 2022”. Typically, Keighley’s season of gaming begins around May or June and would last for a couple of months minimum.

Just like the previous year’s game fest, it would be taking place digitally and with each showcase right under the umbrella streamed globally free.

Who would be Attending?

The summer game fest is yet to confirm its partners, but based on the appearances of the previous game fest, we can make an educated prediction on which developers and publishers would be joining the festival.

Last year over 25 publishers, Platforms, and partners contributed the content or join the event as a host at the summer game Fest. Some major Publishers include PlayStation, Bandai Namco, Square Enix, EA, and Epic Games.


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