Facebook Live: 15 Tips for using Facebook Live

Facebook Live video broadcasts were launched in 2016. Although a lot of people did not really use the platform, with the outbreak of the Pandemic of 2020, the platform has flown to a greater height unimaginable, and very popular.

The daily views on Facebook Live broadcasts have experienced a huge rise during the pandemic lockdown than in previous years.

Facebook Live

Almost all the videos on the platform are now Live. Conferences, trivia nights, Religious meetings, concerts, Q&As, table reads juicy behind-the-scenes gossip and many more.

It’s all coming to your feed, raw, and uncensored, as brands and citizen broadcasters alike, try to bring authentic, real-time interactions to your computer or phone screen.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live, for the most part, it’s working. With the opportunity for viewers to ask questions, join the conversation, react and comment, Facebook Live videos receive more than double the engagement than standard videos.

All of which is to say: Live broadcasts are part of a well-planned business Facebook marketing campaign and an ideal way to increase social media engagement.

Want to go Live and thrive? Here’s everything you need to know.

How to Go Live on Facebook

You can go Live on Facebook from your computer or from your phone. It’s like a tiny television studio is with you everywhere you go.

When you broadcast a Facebook Live video, it will appear on your Page, group or event, and may also show up in the News Feed or on Facebook Watch. If you click on the notification button for an update.

When the broadcast is over, you can edit and share a recording of the Live video on your page. Here’s the step-by-step for your next lights-camera-action moment. How to go live on Facebook from your phone

Using the Facebook app

There are two ways to go Live on Facebook using your mobile device.

  • Go to the Page, Group, event or personal profile that you would like to stream your video.
  • Tap Live, located at the bottom of your post composer.
  • Write a description. (This is where you can tag friends, collaborators, or your location.)
  • Tap Start Live Video to begin the live broadcast.
  • When you’re done, tap Finish to end the live stream.

Using the Creator Studio app:

  • On the Home or Posts tab, click the compose icon in the top right corner.
  • Select the option for a Live post.
  • Write a description. (This is where you can tag friends, collaborators, or your location.)
  • Tap Start Live Video to begin the live broadcast.
  • When you’re done, tap Finish to end the live stream.

How to go Live on Facebook from your Computer

You can create Live video content using your computer’s microphone and a built-in webcam. Also, you can go for the option to connect to higher-end production equipment if you’d like.

However, to take your live stream to the next level with graphics, screen-sharing, and more, you can also incorporate streaming software like Stream Labs OBS.

Whichever tools you use to go Live on Facebook from your computer, you’ll first be directed to the Live Producer tool.

Using your built-in Webcam

  • At the top of your newsfeed, beneath the “What’s on your mind?” status field, click on the Live Video icon
  • You’ll be taken to the Live Producer tool and prompted to choose your video source. Select Use Camera.
  • On the left side of the screen, write a description and add an optional title for your live video. Here, you can tag people or places, or choose to raise money with a “Donate” button.
  • When you’re ready, click the Go Live button on the bottom left of the screen.

These are steps to follow to use your computer’s built-in webcam to go live on Facebook.

Go Live With a Streaming Software

Some streaming software, also known as “an encoder” or “encoding software,” can be used in Live Producer. Other software that is integrated with Facebook’s Live API allows you to go live directly from that program. Because of those variations, it’s best to look to the software itself for info on setting up a successful Facebook stream.

However, the best choice for you depends on the kind of content you would like to stream, but many are free and open-source. Learn more about encoding software options and going live with streaming software.

How to go Live on Facebook from Messenger Rooms

Want to share your scintillating Messenger Room conversation with the world? You can broadcast your multi-person video chat live!

Take Note that only the creator of the Room can choose to go live. Also, Messenger Rooms broadcasts only work using the Google Chrome browser.

  • Once your Messenger Room is up and running, click Live in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Give your live video a title if you’d like.
  • Choose where you’d like your Live video to be broadcast: on a Page you manage, in a Group, or on your own personal timeline.
  • Select your audience.
  • Click Next.
  • Participants are then given the option to confirm or leave the room. The room creator can also remove participants who do not respond.
  • Click Start to go Live!
  • When the fun is over, click Live in the upper right corner again, and then click End.

With a few steps, you will enjoy your Facebook Live on Messenger Room.

15 Tips for using Facebook Live

Now that you’re a lean, mean, streaming machine, it’s time to level up. Get the most out of your streaming experience with these tips and best practices.

Plan ahead

Just because it’s life, doesn’t mean it has to be scrapped! A little improvisation adds a flair of authenticity, but a rambling, endless video is not anyone’s idea of a good time.

Make sure you have an aim, something you like to accomplish, and a message you’d like to get out before you hit that Live button.

Creating a road map of the beats and talking points you want to make sure to hit will ensure your conversation is moving forward in a purposeful direction.

Be Authentic

The unpolished, anything-could-happen nature of Live videos is part of their charm. Embrace this built-in intimacy and authenticity. If something goes wrong, laugh it off. If you’re getting emotional, lean into it.

By sharing an unfiltered, uncensored view into your life or business, you’re generating tons of viewer trust and admiration. Don’t be afraid to get real! (As long as it’s within Facebook’s code of conduct, of course.)

Team up with Guests

Some of the most engaging live content involves co-broadcasting: two or more people, chatting live. Interview an expert, perform with another musician, host a Q&A or panel or take a tour — all in a split-screen broadcast.

You’re a talk show host, and no one can stop you! No one!

Select a guest to go Live with during a mobile live broadcast from your page or profile. For bigger groups (up to 50 participants!), you can broadcast to Facebook live from Messenger Rooms.

You could also use select streaming software on the computer to co-broadcast. Video conferencing software partners like Zoom and Bluejeans are one more way to broadcast live with multiple people. Get the whole gang involved.

Build Anticipation

Nothing is as bad as going Live to an audience of no one. Oh my gosh! Get some hype running for your next live stream with teaser posts.

Facebook also offers the option to subscribe for Live Notifications, ensuring your audience doesn’t miss a moment. You may also choose to schedule your broadcasts up to once a week in advance using the steps below;

  • Click “What’s on your mind?” at the top of the newsfeed.
  • Click Live Video.
  • Click Schedule a Live Video on the top left.
  • Choose your date and time.
  • Select where you’d like to broadcast the video.
  • Select an image to add a photo if you’d like.
  • Click Schedule Live video on the bottom left.

When you schedule a live broadcast, an announcement post is created and published to your page: people who see this can click “Get Reminder” for a one-time notification shortly before the stream starts up.

Later, a post containing your live stream is automatically published at the scheduled time. Action time.

Test your Broadcast Privately First

Get a private sneak peek of your broadcast to make sure everything looks and sounds good by changing the privacy settings. Switch to “Only Me” to view your Live video stream without any prying eyes, before you go live to the whole world.

Invest in Quality

Audiences are pretty forgiving about video and audio quality for live videos. But if you’ve got the resources to invest in some external microphones, a tripod, or even a ring light, they can certainly up the glam factor.

Tag your Collaborators

Live stream descriptions offer the ability to tag people, Pages or places. Use the opportunity to shout out your collaborators or identify your location or business.

Not only will that help the viewers understand what they’re watching, but tags will help the content appear in other feeds, reaching an audience outside your own.

Continue Offering Context

Your superfans may be watching eagerly right from the beginning of your stream, but others will be popping in and out. So make sure you’re helping give viewers context, no matter when they might be joining you.

Insert short and snappy recaps throughout your broadcast to quickly explain the who, what, where, or why.

Branded backdrops or on-screen text can help clarify what’s happening, too. You can also pin a comment that offers some context or prompts engagement.

Take your Sweet Time

Facebook actually prioritizes longer videos with its algorithm (videos that are three minutes or longer), so don’t be afraid to take your time. You can even stay live for up to eight hours if you’re using streaming software.

Actively Engage your Viewers

What makes Live videos so special is that they’re not a one-way street. Broadcasters can actively interact with their viewers in real time.

Say hello to commenters as they tune in to your broadcast, and reply to comments and questions as they come. You can also pin top-notch comments to the top of the chat.

If you’ve got a troll in the mix, never fear: You can block viewers during a live broadcast. Simply tap their profile pic, and then click Block.

Create your Own Highlight Real

When the stream is over, the fun should not end as well. Trim out any unnecessary footage, create shorter clips, and share the final product on Facebook.

  • To trim a previously live video, go to Creator Studio and then the Content Library.
  • Click the Posts tab.
  • Check the box next to the formerly live video you want to edit.
  • Select Edit Post.
  • Select Trimming or Video Clipping and tweak as necessary.
  • Select Save when done. You’ll find the finished product under the Clips tab.

Produce Regularly Scheduled Programming

Facebook loves consistency. In fact, the algorithm takes note of how frequently viewers come back to watch your content.

Host a Paid Online Event

In a move to help small businesses and event producers whose live offerings have been hit hard by the pandemic, Facebook launched a paid online event option for select partners this year. This option allows creators to limit content distribution to ticket holders or registered users.

  • Create a paid online event by going to the Events tab and clicking Create and then Online.
  • Fill in details such as event name, date, and time.
  • Choose Private, Public or Group privacy settings and click done.
  • Toggle to Online Event and select the event format you prefer: Messenger Roomsor Facebook Live.
  • Choose Admission, and select Enable Paid Access to choose your price from the drop-down menu.

Where do Facebook Live Videos Appear?

Live videos will appear on your Page, Group, Event or personal profile, as selected when you start broadcasting. Once the video is over, the video will continue to live on your page or profile. You can edit this content in Creator Studio (see above).

How long can Facebook Live Videos Be?

If you’re broadcasting from your computer either from your webcam or streaming software. The time limit is eight hours. For broadcasting from mobile, the limit is four hours.

How to Connect Zoom to Facebook Live

First, enable Facebook Live streaming for webinars.

  • Login as the owner or administrator on the Zoom website.
  • Click Account Management.
  • Click Webinar Settings.
  • Click
  • Enable “Allow the host to live stream to webinars,” then enable “Facebook.”

Broadcast your Zoom meeting with the following steps:

  • Start your webinar.
  • In the meeting controls, click More.
  • Click Live on Facebook. (You’ll be prompted to sign in if you aren’t already.)
  • Choose the location on Facebook you’d like your video to be broadcast.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Go Live.
  • Wait for the Zoom notification that your stream is live, and begin the show!
  • To end the webinar, click Stop Streaming in Zoom, or end the meeting.

How to Screen share on Facebook Live

In order to share your screen with viewers during a Live broadcast, you need to go Live using your camera.

  • Go to Live Producer.
  • Choose Use Camera.
  • Go to the Setup menu and choose Start Screen Share.
  • Select the content you’d like to share.
  • Click Share.
  • Click Go Live.
  • To stop sharing your screen, click Stop Sharing Screen.

How to save Facebook Live videos

After your live broadcast, you see a screen that enables you to post it to your page. Here, you can tap the download button to save the video to your camera roll.



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