Stats For Spotify – How to See Your Spotify Stats on Mobile Phones

Stats for Spotify is likely the most vital “stats” site you will find. Sign in to your Spotify record and you can see your number one favorite artists, songs, and genres from the last month, a half year, or of all time.

Stats For Spotify

Look to the lower part of your Top Tracks page, and you’ll even observe a Create playlist button you can use to make a playlist right away with every one of the songs on the listing rundown.

Spotify has more than 300 million members, as per the organization’s site. Also, together, those clients pay attention to countless artists, songs, genres, and playlists each year.

If you’ve at any point had any desire to jump further into your listening choices – perhaps to see which tunes you pay love to the most, or compare your preferences and others – there are many sites you can use to check your Spotify details.

These sites range from genuine to goofy ones, yet they’ll all assist you with seeing your music as a fan in another light.

Stats For Spotify

Stat for Spotify is just like Spotifytrack, which is an instrument that permits you to think back on your listening history on Spotify.

It gathers and records your details, monitoring which tracks you stand by listening to, whenever you first observe a new artist, how your genre choices change over time, from there, the sky is the limit.

It’s 100 percent free to use, takes a few seconds to set up, and naturally refreshes your details consistently. To begin, simply click Connect with Spotify’!

Perhaps Spotify’s best component is its capacity to follow the music you play over time and give understanding into your preferences. This assists you with observing your most loved tracks and lets you know how your preferences change over time.

The Spotify application on PC, Mac, and the internet gives the most detailed info on your new Spotify preferences. You can see your top artists, songs, and a rundown of your Spotify playlists, read down for additional details.

Features of Spotify

You can view the first time you first listened to your number one artists and tracks on Spotify. You can also check back to see what music you were listening to at various places before

You can compare your top tracks + artists with your friends and create a link you can share so they can overlap in musical preferences as well.

You get to also explore the interactive 3D Music Galaxy, customized with your own Spotify information. Listen to new songs and also check relationships between artists to find new musicians and styles

Spotify Top Artists

If you have any desire to see details for explicit specialists, look for the craftsman and go to their profile. You can see play includes close to every melody in the Popular area.

Spotify Stats Website

Spotify Stats Website is your exemplary Spotify information analyzer. It shows you your top tracks, artists, and ones you have searched for the past four weeks, six months ago, and all lists included.

It likewise shows how your top tracks, specialists, and things have changed since the last time you were connected to the Stats for Spotify.

Spotify Wrapped

You are probably familiar with this one. Consistently, Spotify releases Spotify Wrapped, a slideshow that shows you who your number one artists, songs, and genres are throughout the most recent year.

You additionally get a count of how long you have longed listened to Spotify and a playlist with your main 100 melodies.

You don’t have to connect anything to your Spotify record to view the lists. It’ll spring up in your Spotify application naturally when it gets delivered, so you can watch the slideshow and share it with your friends if you wish to.

After some time, you will not have the option to find the Wrapped slideshows any longer. In any case, you can track down your Wrapped playlists from years past by signing into the Spotify site.

How to See Your Spotify Stats on Mobile Phones

  • Open the Spotify versatile application on your Android or iOS gadget.
  • From Home, select Settings, then stuff formed button in the upper right.
  • In Settings, look down to the selection that is marked Social and ensures that Recently played artists are turned on.
  • When Recently played artists are on, look back up and choose View Profile to go to your Profile page.
  • On your Profile, you can see your three most recently played artists. To see the full rundown, press See all.

The artists that appear in your Recently played craftsmen list are displayed all together in light of your most as of late played tune. To see your latest melody history, select the Recently played button from the Home screen.

How to Get More Spotify Stats

Top artists and tracks for the month are a place spot to begin, yet if you’re a major music sweetheart, you might need more. For that, you will have to use an extremely decent outsider application third-party app called “” (a.k.a Spotistats). is accessible for iPhone, iPad, and Android. The application connects with your Spotify account and gives an abundance of data you can’t find in the official applications. Some of those stats include:

  • Top tracks
  • Top genres
  • Most common time of day you listen to music
  • Number of tracks streamed
  • Top artists
  • Top albums
  • Number of minutes streamed

Here is the truly cool part: All of these details can be seen by the most recent four weeks, a half year, lifetime, and custom date range. You’re not restricted to only Spotify’s basics “This Month.”


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