Sonos and IKEA Engaged In another Symfonisk Collaboration

Sonos and IKEA engaged in another Symfonisk collaboration and the result is a lamp-speaker hybrid – with that being said, let there be sound and light again.

Sonos and IKEA Engaged In another Symfonisk Collaboration

Sonos and IKEA Engaged In another Symfonisk Collaboration

Both IKEA and Sonos have yet again announced a familiar speaker-furnishing hybrid as part of their ongoing Symfonisk collaboration: the floor lamp speaker.

The Symfonisk Table Lamp speaker and Symfonisk Table Lamp speaker (Gen 2), which are the products from the partnership’s two lamp speakers, the new floor lamp speaker will allow you to bring light and sound to a vast variety of spaces around your home.

And going with the images that have been shared by Sonos, the Symfonisk Floor Lamp speakers appear to make use of the same speaker base just as the second-generation table lamp which as you should know is mounted on three metal legs that are attached to a circular plate.

The Glass and Fabric Shades of the Table Lamp Have Been Replaced

The glass and fabric shades of the table lamp additionally have been replaced by an all-new bamboo basket type of design. Personally, we are not the biggest fans of it, but the press release, however, states that users can swap it for one of the other shades in the range that they prefer.

If in the event you have other Symfonisk and Sonos speakers you can incorporate this very model easily into your current setup through the Sonos app, and if you decide to pick up two-floor lamp speakers, then you can pair them in a bid to create a more immersive soundstage making use of the Stereo pair feature.

This Speaker Bears a Striking Resemblance to the Table Lamp (Gen 2)

And as this speaker bears a striking resemblance to the Table Lamp (Gen 2), we have asked a representative of IKEA if these speakers can form a stereo pair together, or if this audio effect only can be achieved with two-floor lamp speakers or two lamp speakers.

Cost of the Symfonisk Floor Lamp Speaker

We also are waiting to learn just how much the Symfonisk Floor Lamp speaker will cost. But however, we will be expecting something in the region of $200 / £ 180 / AU$300 or more based on the previous models in the lineup. Lastly, we do know that it will be launching in all IKEA markets in January 2023.


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