Intel Is Set To Reveal Its PC Roadmap

Intel is set to reveal its PC roadmap and users are very much likely to hear about new CPUs, but it however has not yet been confirmed. The company will be discussing what is next for the PC and what will drive future growth.

Intel Is Set To Reveal Its PC Roadmap

Intel Is Set To Reveal Its PC Roadmap

Chip-making company Intel is now set to reveal its plans for the PC arena in the coming week and hopefully, we will be getting some interesting pieces of information from the chip-making company.

The presentation on all things PC will be coming via a webinar that will take place on December 16 at 7:30 am PT (10:30 am ET, 3:30 pm UK time), and as flagged up by Tom’s Hardware, Intel also will be spilling some juicy pieces of information in regards to its PC platform roadmap.

What does this mean? This simply means that we will get to see future products from the company that we still do not know about just yet or at least haven’t had official info on them, although the rumor mill already has shared details here and there.

Intel Has Had A Hard Time in the PC Market This Year

As of late, Intel has had a torrid time in regard to falling profits and having to announce big plans for streamlining and job cuts, all partly due to the decline in the PC market this very year.

Other Pieces of Information to Expect During the Presentation

And perhaps unsurprisingly, the other major topic that Intel plans to inform users on is the size of its PC market and the growth drivers therein, presumably with some type of optimism to be witnessed on the latter front rather than just the doom and gloom of falling sales of PC that we have already become accustomed to in 2022.


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