Snag an Upgraded Switch OLED For Only $315 at Woot

Snag an upgraded Switch OLED for only $315 at Woot. You should know that discounts on the latest as well as greatest Nintendo consoles are really rare, so you shouldn’t miss your chance to get one today with this deal for $35 off the usual price.

Upgraded Switch OLED at Woot

Upgraded Switch OLED at Woot

The Nintendo Switch as you should know is one of the if not the overall favorite handheld console of the year 2023, and direct discounts are very rare, especially on the upgraded OLED model. And this is the reason why you won’t want to miss out on a chance to snag the red and blue variant for just $315 at Woot, which gets to save you $35 in contrast to the usual price.

This deal in question is available until 31 October but there is however a good chance that it will sell out before then, so we would recommend that you get your order in as soon as possible if it is that you really don’t want to miss out. The white model in question has already sold out.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss Out On This Deal

Unlike many Woot deals currently making the rounds, the Switch OLED models that are currently on sale today are offered brand-new, so you really don’t have to settle for a preowned or a refurbished device. The devices in question will ship in the regular Nintendo retail packaging with all of the accessories that you would expect a brand-new unit to come with. The main downside however is that the warranty, which is provided by Woot, is way shorter than you would usually get, with 90 days of coverage in case of any problems.

Specs and Features of the Nintendo Switch OLED

The Nintendo Switch OLED for those that don’t know is the best Switch console on the market right about now. It has a bigger screen than both the original Switch as well as the Lite models, with a 7-inch OLED display offering users more vivid colors as well as greater contrast.

The device in question also has a redesigned kickstand and TV dock, alongside 64GB of internal storage. Whether it is that you are investing in a Nintendo Switch for the very first time, want to upgrade your present device or it is that you are buying a console as a gift, then this deal makes it much more affordable, but while supplies last.



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