Smile 2 Release Date, Cast, Story, and Everything We Know

Smile 2 release date, cast, story, and everything we know. The film has already been confirmed by Paramount and it is set to due in 2024. That said, here is everything we know so far about what’s next when it makes a return to theaters.

Smile 2 Release Date

Smile 2 Release Date

“Smile 2” is currently in development by Paramount, following the unexpected success of the original film, “Smile,” which centered on Dr. Rose Cotter’s harrowing experience with a demonic entity. Despite initially being destined for Paramount+, the strong response from test audiences led to a theatrical release, highlighting the film’s potential. With its innovative marketing and box office achievement, expectations are high for the sequel.

The first “Smile” film delved into themes of grief and trauma, concluding with a shocking twist that not only left audiences reeling but also laid the groundwork for a sequel centered around Joel. The direction of “Smile 2,” whether it continues directly from the events of the first movie or introduces a new character facing the curse of The Smile Entity, remains a matter of speculation. Although Dr. Rose Cotter’s fate seemed sealed by the end of “Smile,” the narrative door is wide open for the sequel, stirring curiosity about who will next confront the chilling threat of the demonic presence.

Smile 2 Confirmation

“Smile 2” has been officially announced by Paramount, following the original film’s unexpected success. Despite the first movie’s acclaim, a sequel was not initially guaranteed. Director Parker Finn had mentioned that there were no immediate plans for a continuation of “Smile,” emphasizing his desire for originality in any potential follow-up.

Finn expressed a commitment to ensuring that if a sequel were to be made, it would need to be fresh and unexpected, diverging from the path laid by the first film to captivate audiences with new surprises and a distinct narrative direction. This approach reflects Finn’s dedication to innovation and his reluctance to merely replicate the success of “Smile” without offering a novel and engaging experience for viewers.

When Will the Film Come Out?

“Smile 2” is slated for a theatrical release on October 18, 2024, marking roughly two years since the debut of the original film. Following the successful theatrical run of “Smile,” Paramount has decided to continue with a cinematic release for the sequel as well. While specific details regarding its streaming availability remain unconfirmed, it is anticipated that “Smile 2” will eventually be accessible on Paramount+, maintaining the distribution approach of its predecessor.

Cast and Characters

Given the conclusive nature of “Smile’s” ending, the narrative of “Smile 2” is expected to shift away from Sosie Bacon’s character, Rose. However, the sequel offers the opportunity for other characters to return. Kyle Gallner, known for his role as Rose’s detective ex-boyfriend Joel, is confirmed to be reprising his role in “Smile 2.”

The potential return of Jesse T. Usher as Trevor and Gillian Zinser as Holly adds to the continuity and depth of the sequel’s cast. Additionally, the essence of any horror film is its antagonist, making the return of Marti Matulis as The Smile Monstrosity a pivotal aspect of “Smile 2.”

The sequel will also introduce new characters, including Naomi Scott in a lead role, though details about her character remain under wraps. Her involvement suggests she will be central to the sequel’s plot, likely encountering the malevolent force at the heart of the story. Lukas Gage and Rosemarie DeWitt have also been confirmed to join the “Smile 2” ensemble in roles yet to be disclosed, promising fresh dynamics and challenges as the story unfolds.

Plot and Story

The narrative possibilities for “Smile 2” are vast, with the sequel capable of exploring various directions following the precedent set by the original film. One potential storyline could center on Joel, portrayed by Kyle Gallner, as he endeavors to evade the demon responsible for Rose’s demise. This continuation would see Joel grappling not only with the daunting seven-day timeline to avert his own death but also dealing with the aftermath and suspicion as the last person to have seen Rose alive, further delving into her investigative efforts.

Alternatively, reflecting on director Parker Finn’s openness to innovation, “Smile 2” might venture into a prequel or a spin-off that broadens the scope of the original film’s universe. Such a direction would allow for a deeper exploration of the demonic entity’s origins or the curse’s impact on new characters, potentially diverging from the storyline established in “Smile” while still retaining the thematic essence and psychological horror that captivated audiences. This approach would align with Finn’s desire for the sequel to be “surprising and different,” offering audiences a fresh perspective within the “Smile” universe.



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