Sideloading Apps Feature Will Soon Arrive on iPhones

Sideloading apps feature will soon arrive on iPhones. This feature is one of many that the iPhone-making company has always been adamant to implement on its phones, but it now seems that the imminent introduction of the iOS 17 update will be coming with a reported fix for that. With that being said, sideloading apps on an iPhone device may soon get easier.

Sideloading Apps Feature on iPhones

Sideloading Apps Feature on iPhones

We expect quite a lot at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference stipulated to take place on June 5. And in addition to the possible reveal of the long-rumored AR/VR headset of Apple, the company is also expected to show off iOS 17, which is the next iteration of its mobile software for the iPhone. And with iOS 17, users of Apple devices could finally gain the capability to sideload apps, as per a Bloomberg report on Sunday.

What Sideloading of Apps Means

For the iPhone, sideloading apps simply means that you can download an app without getting to use Apple’s App Store. The potential inclusion of sideloading is simply meant to ensure compliance with new European regulations which is due to kick in the coming year, as per Bloomberg reports.

The new laws in question aim to create an equal playing field for third-party developers, but this would however be a huge shift for Apple. The tech giant as per its history has been adamantly opposed to sideloading apps. The company in its defense argues that sideloading could compromise the security of the iPhone.

Other Things to Expect At WWDC

WWDC also should unveil iPadOS 17, and macOS 17 as well as an update to watchOS 10. It is still not clear at this point in time, but the possibility of sideloading could extend to these operating systems as well.

Apple in a request for comment on the matter did not respond immediately.



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