Google Cancels its In-person CES Presence

Google cancels its in-person CES presence; however, the organizers of the show are still going on with everything regarding the show as planned.

Google Cancels its In-person CES Presence

Google Cancels its In-person CES Presence

Yesterday started with big news from Lenovo and then followed up by Intel and Waymo and now it also seems that Google is the latest company to extract itself from its in-person appearance at the CES event slated to take place in Las Vegas completely.

A Spokesperson From The Search Engine Giants Told TechCrunch:

“After careful consideration, we have decided to withhold from having a presence on the show floor of CES 2022. We’ve been closely monitoring the development of the omicron variant, and have decided that this is the best choice for the health and safety of our teams. We will continue to collaborate closely with both CTA and our partners to identify and support virtual opportunities, and we look forward to sharing the latest Google innovations with you all.”

Google’s Surprise Exit from the CES Event

The decision of Tech Company (Google) in preferring a virtual presence at the CES event is somewhat surprising. The search engine company over the years has become a tent pole presence in the event as it has expanded its hardware presence increasingly via its Nest line of pixel phones and home products.

Organizers of the Show Still Remain Adamant with Its Plans

The governing body of the show, the CTA, however still remains adamant in its plan to go ahead with the event slated for early January as of yesterday although big names still keep withdrawing from the event. The list of big-name companies pulling off from the event amid the ongoing omicron variant concerns now include Meta, Twitter, Amazon, TikTok, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Pinterest along with a host of other media platforms and outlets such as TechCrunch.

Cancellations in Regards to CES Event

In the light of the latest news coming in from some of the big names in regards to the event, the CTA has been reached out to. And at the time of the organization’s last comment, cancellations in regards to the event have amounted to 42 which comprise about 7% 0f the exhibit floor. The number however may have spiked ever since as major players and other startups have been having a rethink about their presence at the event.

The Effect of Big Name Exits from the CES Event

In an event such as this one, no one company wants to be the first to pull off, but with the cancellations in the early days of the pandemic, it is being more difficult to not think about. And with the quid succession of big names pulling out of the event, it tends to create a way for more.


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