Samsung’s Next Folding Phones Are Set to Arrive This July

Samsung’s next folding phones are set to arrive this July, on the 26th to be precise. That being said, you should do well to mark your calendars and then plan to bring your own coffee with you for the live-streaming event.

Samsung’s Next Folding Phones

Samsung’s Next Folding Phones

We now have a confirmed date for Hot Foldable Summer’s biggest party ever. Samsung has just announced that it is hosting its next Unpacked on July 26th at 7 AM ET which means bright and early for the east coast, but it will however be an evening affair in Seoul, where Samsung prior to this announced that it is hosting the event.

The image as well as the text that was released with the announcement makes it quite obvious that we will be seeing a flip-style foldable at the event, which naturally would be the Galaxy Z Flip 5, and then the Z Fold 5 is very much anticipated as well. We will very much likely see the Galaxy Watch 6, too, as well as some Galaxy Tablets. That is quite a packed Unpacked event.

The flip-style foldable that is in the promotional image of Samsung looks right in line with the rumors and leaks that we have seen thus far with a lower-profile hinge. It certainly looks very much like a phone that will close flat. Unfortunately, this very profile view doesn’t give us a glimpse of the whole cover screen, which is expected to be much bigger than the teeny tiny screen available on the Z Flip 4 as it is literally big, if true.

Samsung Finally Facing Completion in the Foldable Market

For the very first time, Samsung is going into its foldable-focused summer Unpacked feeling quite a little heat from the competition. Google just recently released the much-anticipated Pixel Fold, and Motorola on the other hand is finally back in contention with the delightful Razr Plus. And still, Samsung has been at this for a quite while, and hosting this very event on its home turf in Seoul seems very much like an indication of just how important the foldable category is for the firm. All will be revealed in a couple of weeks, and if you are not in Seoul, then you will be able to watch along online, you just plan to buy your own coffee as stated earlier.

Order and Availability

Samsung is once again offering preorder reservations to shoppers, thus entitling them to a $50 credit once they get to place a preorder. There is however no commitment aside from providing your name as well as your email address, and then you can sign up for a reservation kicking off tonight all through July 25th.



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