Samsung Galaxy Watch Leak Shows Its Pricing and Battery Life

Samsung galaxy watch leak shows its pricing and battery life and it brings some good news and not-so-good news.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Leak Shows Its Pricing and Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Watch Leak Shows Its Pricing and Battery Life

On August 10, the Samsung galaxy watch 5 and the galaxy watch 5 Pro will be unveiled and before the then stipulated timeframe, there’s still time for some leaks and rumors in regards to the wearables and the latest one now gives users a couple of more hints in regards to the battery life and pricing.

According to retail listings that were spotted by Dealntech, the standard galaxy watch 5 will be €10 more than the previous version of the wearable. The galaxy watch 5 Pro on the other hand is expected to be €30 more expensive that the previous galaxy watch 4 classic.

That being said, this is a drop of up to $10 and also a jump of about $30 therefore we are not really talking about big shifts, however, it is worth bearing and putting these fluctuations in mind in the event that you are planning on taking one of the new smartwatches up in the coming months.

Good News about the Leaked Galaxy Watch

And as per reports from famous tipster Ice Universe, there is still some good news about the wearables to be happy about. The tipster says that the galaxy watch 5 Pro is going to be able to get up to three days of battery life. And putting the struggles of last year’s model in getting to the end of the day into consideration, this is a very welcome development and improvement.

What This Means for Other Wearables in the Market

This new development will also put the premium smartwatch from Samsung ahead of many other Wear OS smartwatches on the market in regards to battery life. And when you come to think of it, when it comes to fully featured wearables with great full-color screens with more than a day of battery life, it is very unusual.

As of now, the manner in which the galaxy watch 5 pro tends to achieve this feat is still very much unknown. It is however possible that there is some kind of severe power saver mode to help in conserving power. Well, I guess we will all have to wait until Samsung makes these wearables official find out.


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