Boot Time Reduced on the Xbox Series X

Boot Time is Reduced on the Xbox Series X but you might not notice it. The Xbox series X and it’s very budget-friendly counterpart, Xbox Series S is quite known for their ability to boot up a lot faster due to the very powerful solid-state drive and state-of-the-art processing power inside them.

Boot Time Reduced on the Xbox Series X

However, the boot-up speeds can differ vastly depending on whether or not you are making use of the Energy-saving mode or the instant-on mode, the latter of which makes the Xbox Series X and S boot up in mere seconds. For all those that are not aware, the former energy-saving mode can be a remedy for the Xbox Series X or S consoles that happen to be overheating.

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Boot Time Reduced on the Xbox Series X

These two modes with time can actually differ in some pretty significant ways. Let’s say, running your Series X or Series S in the Instant-on mode make bootup time negligible and keeps your Xbox connected to the Xbox Mobile app, which has its very own set of remote features, at the cost of increasing background energy use. Energy-saving mode differs in that it basically turns your console off when you are done with it, though it can still download and install games and apps, and it can pretty well use the well-received Quick resume feature.

However, this takes a lot longer time to boot back up while in Energy-saving mode. At maximum, you can expect a waiting time of around 45 seconds per boot, according to the official Xbox website, though realistically it only takes about 20 to 25 seconds in most situations. While it is worth you noting that the same update does not further decrease the bootup times for Instant-on users, with the latest, standard load time can be axed by a significant margin.

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How to Reduce the Bootup Animation Time on Xbox Series X

All thanks to this upcoming new update that is now being tested via the Xbox Insider program, the Xbox’s bootup time while in energy-saving mode actually could get reduced to about 15 seconds. This preview is given the name Alpha (2208.220720-2200), First released to the Xbox insider program on the 22nd of July.

The patch notes do not make a specific claim concerning the shortening of the Xbox bootup times while in Energy-saving mode, but Xbox Integrated Marketing Director josh Munsee has confirmed the feature finally on Twitter, saying it could reduce the boot times significantly.

Xbox Insider Program

With that said, you would not enjoy the benefits of the update, including the shortened boot times while in energy-saving mode unless you either wait for an official release or join the Xbox Insider program yourself. If currently you are not an insider, then the process of joining the Xbox insider program is easy and stated below:

  • Head to the Xbox Series X or S dashboard
  • Then go to the store
  • Search for “insider” right on the search tab
  • After that, select the Xbox Insider bundle from the menu
  • Then install the bundle
  • Then confirm any extra windows that appear
  • Return to your dashboard
  • Then head to Xbox Insider Hub
  • Select the previews option
  • Navigate to the latest preview build

If you are making use of a windows 10 or 11 PC, you can choose to join the Xbox Insider Program by using the Microsoft Store app. Here, you should follow the same steps. Search for “Insider,” and then install the Xbox Insider Hub software right into your computer, this should allow you to participate in other previews – like back when Microsoft let insiders try “Minecraft” with raytracing support right before the general gaming public.

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