Samsung Galaxy S23 Price Increase Reportedly Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S23 price increase reportedly leaked as rumors suggest that there may be more money needed.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Price Increase Reportedly Leaked

Samsung Galaxy S23 Price Increase Reportedly Leaked

At this point, we are now getting new Samsung Galaxy S23 rumors and leaks almost on a daily basis, and the rumor regarding today is centered around the flagships price with indications all pointing to the fact that users are going to be paying a bit more in order to get their hands on this year’s flagship phones.

According to a Twitter leaker @OreXda via Notebookcheck, in South Korea users are looking at prices of 1,199,000 won for the base standard model, 1.397,000 won for the Plus edition, and 1,599,400 for the top-end Ultra version of the Galaxy S23.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Suggested Price in South Korea

In that same country for context’s sake, the Samsung Galaxy S22 costs 999,900 won, the Galaxy S22 Plus cost 1,199,000 won and the Galaxy S22 Ultra went on sale for 1,452,000 won. And going by that, we are looking at a hike in the price of around 10-20% if anything about the said figure is as genuine.

At the exchange rate of today, the equivalent price for the standard Galaxy S23 is around the region of $955, while the Galaxy S22 started at $799. But with the currency and fluctuations of the market, we will not have to pay too much attention to those equivalent values.

The Galaxy S23 Handset Would Reportedly Cost More than Their Galaxy S22 Equivalents

There however have been side talks that the Galaxy S23 handset would reportedly cost more than their Galaxy S22 equivalents, which this very rumor has said to back up. And at the moment, manufacturers are still recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, while inflation on the other hand continues to push up prices worldwide.

And with those and many other factors in consideration, it will not really be quite a surprise if the Galaxy S23 phones came in at a high starting price than the [hones they are replacing. You should however buckle up as this may be a trend that will continue to take place across the rest of the year, as handset manufacturers struggle to keep up with costs that are rising all over the industry.


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