New Apple AR/VR Headset Launch Date Reportedly Leaked 

New apple AR/VR headset launch date reportedly leaked and it’s in 2023.

New Apple AR/VR Headset Launch Date Reportedly Leaked 

New Apple AR/VR Headset Launch Date Reportedly Leaked 

Apple for many years now has been rumored to be working on a headset that is reportedly set to combine augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) which is sometimes referred to as mixed reality (MR). And now, the latest prediction coming from that end is that the device is set to be coming out in the later part of this year.

Seasoned industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who normally knows what Apple is up to when it comes to its products and news, has now tweeted that the AR/VR headset is behind schedule due to some hardware tests and the availability of software development tools.

The Shipping Windows May Be Moved Away From the Second Quarter of 2023 to the Third Quarter

That means, according to Kuo, the shipping windows may be moved away from the second quarter of 2023 to the third quarter instead, arguably, July, August, or even September. Leaks prior to this including one from Kuo all pointed to the device launching in the first half of the year 2023.

There is however still a high chance that apple will announce the device ahead of time and way before it goes on sale. Kuo says that “based on the current development process”, it could be getting a grand event just around march or at the worldwide developer’s conference that is held by Apple every single year in the month of June.

The Importance of Getting App Developers on Board with This New Device

One thing users should know is that getting app developers on board with this new hardware is going to be very important as there are not going to be many people going for an expensive AR/VR headset if there is nothing of note that it can be utilized for actually.

And looking at earlier leaks, it could seem as though that apple could be calling the operating system on the new device realityOS, although this is by no means sure. And after so many years of speculation and rumor, it will be very much interesting to see what apple has seemed to put together finally when the headset gets unveiled.


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