Qualcomm Could Be Returning To the Server Market

Qualcomm could be returning to the server market as various sources now claim that the chaip-making company is set for a server relaunch.

Qualcomm Could Be Returning To the Server Market

Qualcomm Could Be Returning To the Server Market

News coming in now claims that the server market may be about to witness a major shakeup. This is following various reports that Qualcomm is now considering a return to the fold after so many years away.

Confirmed sources have now disclosed to Bloomberg that the firm which is based in San Diego, and best known for its Snapdragon smartphone processors is now all set to take on companies such as Intel and AMD for a piece of the billion-dollar market.

Qualcomm already has snapped up amazon web services as a potential customer, the source disclosed in what could be a major take by the company.

QUALCOMM Has Refused To Make Any Comment

So far, QUALCOMM has refused to make any comment in regards to the story by Bloomberg. The move however has been rumored for some time now following the company’s $1.4 billion buy of Nuvia, a chip startup back in January 2021.

Nuvia was founded by two former senior engineers at apple and they were part of the team that had worked on the custom ARM CPU development for the recent MacBooks and iPhones, and also specialize in building high-performance, low-power processors which are ideal for servers.

Qualcomm Left the Server Business In 2018

In 2018, Qualcomm left the server business following a troubling time for the company. Qualcomm started to sell the Centriq 2400 which is the arm-based server chip on the company back in November 2017. But although it gained interest from many big-name customers, it was forced to stop sales following the departure of a key executive and also looking to focus more on its smartphone business.

The possible entry of Qualcomm into the profiting server market comes at a very interesting time as various traditional heavyweights of the industry are battling it out with ambitious start-ups and small-time players.

AMD Is Gaining Some Ground in the Market

And although Intel has led the way for quite some time now, recent figures, however, suggest that AMD is gaining some ground in the market with the company reported being marking a 13th consecutive period of growth.

The next-generation processors of Intel codenamed Sapphire Rapids have been reported to be hampered by many delays, originally scheduled to be launched in 2021, the new server chips are now expected to hit the market in the first quarter of 2023.

Nvidia is yet another company reportedly set to make a big step into the server market, with Arm’s new Neoverse platform now making waves all over the industry in a bid to challenge Intel’s x86 architecture.


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