Grado Set to Unveil New X Series Wooden Headphones

Grado is set to unveil new X Series wooden headphones with all new drivers. These refreshed premium cans feature newly improved speakers and woods.

Grado Set to Unveil New X Series Wooden Headphones

Grado Set to Unveil New X Series Wooden Headphones

The company, Grado has now taken off the wraps of two new pairs of audiophile-friendly wired headphones with the premium audio band boldly claiming that their all-new flagship statement GS3000x is one of the best if not the best sounding systems they have ever made.

Eschewing modern features that most headphone wearers have come to expect from their headphones such as noise-cancelation and voice assistants, Grado’s high-end lines however focus on detailed wired models that offer pristine audio fidelity with an equally top-tier costly price.

Some Features of the GS3000x

The GS3000x as you should know features a new 52mm driver which is the largest in the history of the company, measuring a full 2mm bigger than the speaker which had appeared in Grado’s previous flagship GS3000e headphones.

Also, the new driver design features a powerful magnetic circuit and voice coil with a reduced effective mass as well as an overhauled diaphragm. And as we have come to expect from the brand, the GS3000x will be sporting a wooden finish with the housing being crafted from a tropical hardwood known as cocobolo.

The driver specifically has been tuned to help maximize the resonance of the wood with the nature of cocobolo meaning that no two headphones will be sporting the same look all thanks to the varying grain and tone of the wood. And sitting just below the GS3000x is the just recently announced successor to the popular GS1000e headphones by Grado.

Sharing a similar retro and open-back design, the new Statement GS1000x will be seeing the company combine mahogany and ipê wood for the very first time.

The family-run company claims that the combination of the woods brings together the best qualities of both tone kinds of wood, with the mahogany bringing warmth and texture, while the ipê on the other hand helps to maintain the structural integrity of the sound when it is passing through the grains of the housing.

And very much similar to its flagship sibling, the main difference in regards to performance comes with a slightly narrower frequency response of 8 – 35,000Hz from the GS1000x in contrast to the 4 – 51,000Hz provided by the GS3000x.

The Design of the GS3000x

And with both models featuring exposed grilles on the back end of the enclosure on each housing in a bid to allow sound and air to move more freely, these headphones are mainly crafted for savoring music at home, as their output leakage helps to make them less than ideal in the setting of an office or on a packed train.

Both new Statement lines will be coming with an “improved” 12-conductor braided cable as well as a redesigned new headband, with both lines set to go on sale from next month.

The Grado statement GS1000x will come in at $1,195 or $1,365 with balanced XLR connectors. The flagship Grado statement GS3000x on the other hand is priced at $1995 or $2,395 with balanced XLR connectors.


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