Dead Island 2 has arrived and Has a Release Date

Dead Island 2 has arrived and Has a Release Date which is great. The reanimated body of Dead Island 2 has appeared after some years of silence, and it looks set to shamble onto shelves early next year.

Dead Island 2 has arrived and Has a Release Date

There are some hints that the elusive Zombie-basher is still in development have appeared Sporadically in the eight years ever since it was originally announced. But it seems like a fresh Amazon list has suggested that the game would be released on February 23 next year. As spotted by Twitter sleuth Wario64, the listing’s accompanying description also confirms a handful of old and new information.

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Dead Island 2 has arrived and Has a Release Date

Dead Island 2 would be set in Los Angeles and include six characters. You would be able to customize the abilities of each, making use of a skill system to create a different kinds of builds. There would be several varieties of zombies to bash right through, spanning “dozens of distinct zombie types, each with their own mutations, attacks and hundreds of LA-themed Variants”.

As for the plot, the Amazon Blurb stated that you would be required to play a survivor of the Zombie apocalypse whose natural immunity would allow you to harness the zombie that is within you. You and a crew of other survivors would “uncover the truth behind the outbreak” in what’s described as a pulp adventure. The description emphasizes the game’s violence, too, promising combat would deliver “the most intense, visceral and gory first-person experience possible”.

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Mutations Galore

The Dead Island 2 that would be released next year might look a lot different from what we have previously seen. The much-anticipated and long-delayed title has switched hands three times ever since it first reared its head in a 2014 announcement trailer.

The Dead Island 2 was under development originally at Spec Ops: the line developer Yager, right before Sumo Digital – The studio that created Sackbody: A big Adventure announce that it had taken ownership of the project in the year 2016. Come 2019, however, publisher THQ Nordic revealed Homefront: The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios was working on the game.

We would be expecting some major changes since Dambuster took over the project. To begin with, Dead Island 2’s roster of playable characters have been expanded to about six, from the four initially announced back in 2014. Screenshots in the Amazon listing suggest the sequel would place its focus on Melee combat, just like its first game.

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Dead Island 2 Day One Edition

According to the listing, the Day One edition of the Dead Island 2 would include the memories of the Banoi DLC pack, netting you an in-game baseball bat, club, weapon perk, and character skill card.

Given the sudden appearance of Amazon Listing and the Proximity of the game’s release date, we would not be shocked if Dead Island 2 appeared at Gamescom 2022. Although there would probably be no goats this time around, as memorable as the Goat Simulator 3 announcement was with its riff on the Dead Island 2.

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