PlayStation Reportedly Buys Firewalk Studios

PlayStation reportedly buys Firewalk Studios, which as you already know is at the moment building an “original AAA multiplayer game’. Sony is now looking to add a new developer company to its PlayStation studios roster as it now looks very certain to delve further into live service games.

PlayStation Buys Firewalk Studios

PlayStation Buys Firewalk Studios

Sony is purchasing Firewalk Studios from ProbablyMonsters in a bid to help build an “original AAA multiplayer game” for PlayStation 5 and PC, the gaming company announced on Thursday. Sony has for some time now been investing heavily in multiplayer games recently, thus acquiring Destiny maker Bungie and Jade Raymond-led Haven Interactive Studios in the previous year, and the company in February 2022 revealed that it’s planning to release over 10 live service games before March 2026.

Firewalk Studio Building an AAA Multiplayer Game

We really do not know much in regards to the new game as of yet, but the head of PlayStation Studios at Sony, Hermen Hulst, in a PlayStation blog post noted  that “we continue to be impressed by the team’s ambitions to build a modern multiplayer game that connects players in new and innovative ways.” In a press release, he said, “I think fans will be very pleased when they see what Firewalk has in store for them.” Firewalk Studios in case you don’t know is led by Tony Hsu, who was GM and SVP of Destiny back at Activision, and Ryan Ellis, was previously a creative director at Bungie.

Sony Is Looking To Bolstering Its Multiplayer Offerings

Sony is famously known for its expansive and cinematic single-player games, but the company is now looking to bolster its multiplayer offerings as well which could however prove to be an important decision once the heavily scrutinized acquisition of Call of Duty maker Activision Blizzard by Microsoft finally goes through.

And in addition to this new game from Firewalk, Sony now currently owns the popular sci-fi shooter Destiny 2, has a multiplayer game that is currently in development at Haven and is also making a multiplayer title that is set in the growing Horizon universe at Guerrilla Games.



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