Top 10 Platforms Offering Online Classes on Graphic Design

In the current digital era, graphic design is a highly sought-after skill because both individuals and businesses need visually appealing content to captivate their target audience. Fortunately, there are many Online Classes on Graphic Design resources, allowing aspiring designers to advance their knowledge conveniently from home.

Top 10 Platforms Offering Online Classes on Graphic Design
Top 10 Platforms Offering Online Classes on Graphic Design

In this article, we will explore the ten best platforms that offer online classes on graphic design, equipping learners with the knowledge and expertise needed to excel in this creative field.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a creative field that involves the planning, creation, and arrangement of visual elements to convey a specific message or idea. However, Art, typography, imagery, and layout are all used in this type of visual communication to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

To create designs for print and digital media, graphic designers employ an array of tools and methods. However, they work on a variety of projects, such as posters, brochures, magazines, websites, mobile apps, advertisements, branding, packaging, and more.

Salary of a Graphic Designer

The experience, location, industry, and size of the company a graphic designer works for are just a few of the factors that can affect their pay. Moreover, the skill set, portfolio, and educational background of the designer can all have an impact on salaries. Here is a general estimate of a graphic designer’s salary:

Entry-level Graphic Designer: An entry-level graphic designer in the United States typically earns between $40,000 and $50,000 annually.

Mid-level Graphic Designer: A graphic designer’s pay rises as they develop a strong portfolio and gain more experience. Mid-level graphic designers will earn yearly salaries between $50,000 and $70,000.

Senior Graphic Designer: Senior graphic designers are able to command higher salaries if they have significant experience and a proven track record. Senior graphic designers can expect to make between $70,000 and $90,000 annually on average.

10 Platforms That Offer Online Classes on Graphic Design

If you would like to learn graphic design online, here are ten platforms that provide graphic design classes and courses online:


The well-known online learning platform Udemy has a sizable collection of graphic design courses. Udemy offers affordable and self-paced learning options in a wide range of subjects, from fundamentals to advanced techniques. Experts in the field design the courses, which students can access forever.


Skillshare, a platform run by the community, is renowned for its project-based, interactive learning style. It provides a wide range of graphic design courses taught by experts in the field. Through projects and assignments, Skillshare promotes active participation and a collaborative learning environment.


In order to provide online courses on a variety of subjects, including graphic design, Coursera collaborates with top universities and organizations around the world. You can access courses from renowned institutions, obtain verified certificates, and even pursue a graphic design specialization through their platform.


For real-time online workshops and classes, CreativeLive is a fantastic resource. They provide interactive classes taught by well-known experts with an emphasis on creativity and design. They cover subjects like branding, illustration, and user experience design in their extensive graphic design curriculum.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, formerly known as, is a platform that provides an extensive library of video courses taught by industry experts. Their graphic design courses cover subjects like layout, typography, and software tools, with an emphasis on practical skills. Integration with LinkedIn profiles makes it simple to display courses that have been completed.


Domestika is a vibrant online community that specializes in creative courses, including graphic design. Their platform offers interactive projects and engaging video lessons. The courses offered by Domestika are taught by experts in the field and cover a wide range of subjects, including editorial illustration and logo design.


Shillington is a modern online design school that provides intensive graphic design courses. Their programs are made to give students a thorough education in a short amount of time. Shillington gives students the skills they need to succeed in the design industry with a focus on practical knowledge and business insights.

Canva Design School

The Canva Design School is a great option for beginners who want to learn the basics of graphic design. It provides a selection of paid and free courses on important design concepts, typography, and visual storytelling. Furthermore, learners of all levels can access Canvas due to its practical assignments and user-friendly interface.


Leading online learning platform FutureLearn works with esteemed colleges and cultural institutions. Their graphic design courses cover a wide range of subjects, from user interface design to design thinking. FutureLearn provides an engaging learning environment with interactive features and online community discussions.

School of Motion

If you’re interested in motion graphics and animation, the School of Motion is the go-to platform. However, they provide specialized training covering a range of motion design topics, such as software instruction and artistic methods. Aspiring motion designers favor the School of Motion because of its organized curriculum and practical assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment or software do I need for online graphic design classes?

The specific requirements can vary depending on the course, but some common equipment and software for online graphic design classes include:

  • A reliable connection to the internet on a computer or laptop
  • Graphic design programs like Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign), as well as other accepted programs
  • A graphics tablet, which is optional but useful for digital design and illustration.
  • If applicable, a scanner or digital camera for capturing physical artwork
  • Speakers or headphones for multimedia content

How long do online classes in graphic design typically last?

Depending on the course and the level of instruction, online graphic design classes can last anywhere from one week to several months. While some courses might take a few weeks to complete, others might take several months. Furthermore, reviewing the course information and syllabus is essential to understanding the time commitment required.

Can I receive a certificate or degree through online graphic design classes?

Yes, upon successfully completing the course, many online graphic design courses offer certificates of completion or professional certificates. On some websites, you can also enroll in online programs to get a degree in graphic design. It’s important to do research and pick reputable organizations or platforms that provide acknowledged certifications.



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